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23 Aug 2016

Kris Kringle “Sodom” 1971 Brazil Heavy Psych Prog Funk

Kris Kringle “Sodom” 1971 Brazil Heavy Psych Prog Funk 


FANTASTIC 1971 FREAKBEAT PSYCH!!! KRIS KRINGLE has COOL SOUL PSYCH shouter voice (like Rod Evans - 1st Deep Purple singer or Arthur Brown)! Music is FANTASTIC GROOVY early 70s PSYCH with HEAVY FUZZ guitar, Hammond organ, WEIRD effects and FREAKY sphere!!! Lot of COOL stuff here, just check out: “The Resurrection Shuffle”, “Janie Slow Down”, “Sarabande”, “Help” (MINDBLOWING Beatles cover in HEAVY ACID FUNK style with GREAT GROOVE!!!), “Mr. Universe”,… 1971, Discos Beverly, original Brazilan pressing. ….

Kris Kringle was one of several names used by the Memphis group, champion of São Paulo in Sunday best Clube Pinheiros and Military Circle, at the turn of the 70s Memphis began as Bumble Bees and passed by Colt 45, but also used other names ghost groups as The Fox, Beach Band and Baby Joe. Memphis also led to Lee Jackson, who was very successful in the 1970s.

Before recording their only LP, Kris Kringle (Santa Claus in the Nordic countries), launched a compact single in 1968. He had “Suzie” on side A and “Help” on side B. Both included in the LP that was originally released in 1971 with white double layer, with the design of an open door. The following year, was re-launched with the simple color cover.

By the group in its various stages, have, among others: Dudu France, drums and vocals lead; Mark Maynard (Marcao), guitar, keyboards and vocals; Juvir Moretti (Xylo), guitar and vocals; Marco Antonio Fernandes Cardoso (Nescau), bass and vocals; Otavio Augusto Fernandes Cardoso (Otavinho, Pete Dunaway), guitar, keyboards and vocals.

Also present in this true musical designer Osvaldo Rizzo Son (percussion); Alberto Nicolli Jr. (drums); Claudio Callia (keyboards). Carlos Alberto Marques (Charlie), guitar, saxophone and vocals; Zacharias da Conceição (Zeca), bass; Antonio Carlos Macedo (Can), guitar; Wander Taffo (guitar); Gel Fernandes (drums); and Hélio Eduardo Costa Manso (Steve MacLean), keyboards and vocals.

By the time, the most likely formation of Kris Kringle in the recording of “Sodom” is this: Among the various covers of hit songs, especially the heavy-psychedelic version of “Help” by the Beatles. The disc begins with a Otavinho music in partnership with the Scottish Robert Duncan: “Louisiana”. Otavinho, which would very successful solo career as Pete Dunaway, is also co-author of the last track, “What you want” with his first pseudonym August.

Dudu France, the group’s leader, took the name in English of his Christian name. With a playful translation, Joseph (Joe) Eduardo France Bridges (Bridges) turned Joe Bridges! More information on all these brasucas groups who were recording in English in the book “Hits Brazil”, Fernando Carneiro de Campos, about to be released.

Dudu França – bateria e vocal
Nescau – baixo e vocal
Marcão – guitarra
Carlinhos – guitarra e vocal
Otavinho – teclados e vocal.

1. Louisiana (August-Duncan)
2. Help (Lennon-McCartney)
3. That’s My Love For You (Alan-Roberts-Harris)
4. The Resurrection Shuffle (Tony Ashton)
5. Janie Slow Down (White-Laine)
6. Suzie (Terry Johnson)
7. The Monkey Song (E. Welch)
8. Sarabande (Scott – Beggar’s Opera)
9. Mr. Universe (Burrowes)
10. What You Want (August-Duncan)

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