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25 Aug 2016

La Cofradia De La Flor Solar “Cofradica” 1998 Argentina Prog Rock

La Cofradia De La Flor Solar “Cofradica” 1998 Argentina Prog Rock 


La Cofradia De La Flor Solar was a community of hippies who lived in La Plata, including journalist Miguel Grinberg, Kubero Diaz and Eduardo Skay Beilinson highlighted. In 1969 they debuted in the Buenos Aires Globe Theatre and recorded the single “fleeting shadow of the city”. They managed enshrined in the first edition of B.A.Rock. With the production of Billy Bond they recorded the only Lp with Kubero Diaz (guitar and vocals), Morci Requena (bass), “Handle” Peace (drums), Enrique Gornatti (guitar) and Skay (guitar). On that plate 1971 included “Rock around the country” and “We’ll meet somewhere.” 
The discography of the La Cofradia De La Flor Solar consists of simple “Fleeting Shadow Town” / “La Mufa” 1969; Adam Stay “The Clown” / “If one day you remember” 1969. participated also in albums with other bands, such as “Conesa” Peter and Paul, “Miguel Cantilo and Southern Group” Miguel Cantilo, “Kubero Diaz and La heavy ”, where the band also participated Billy Bond. 
Also in 1996 España.Desde Morcy Requena with Kubero Diaz records and produces new versions of The Guild on the albums “The Café of the Blind”, “Cofrádika” and “History”. In 2007 they released “Kundabuffer”, a registered analogically in Mendoza, under the command of Ing. Daniel Zanesi. For the occasion, the material the band was composed by Gustavo Meli (drums), Sebastian Rivas (guitar and vocals) and Morcy Requena (low and voice). 
In 2009 “ La Cofradia De La Flor Solar” 1971 reissue” appears… 

Morci Requena - Guitarra y voz. 
Sebastián Rivas - Guitarra. 
Gustavo Meli - Batería. 
Ariel Farías - Bajo. 
Alejandro Moyano - Teclados 

1. Perke. 
2. Zapping. 
3. Futuro. 
4. Monalisa. 
5. Los Guachos Group. 
6. La Prisión. 
7. La Morada. 
8. Tan Naif. 
9. La Ciudad Crecerá. 
10 Perke (bonus track)

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