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26 Aug 2016

Laser “Vita sul Pianeta” 1973 Italian Prog

Laser “Vita sul Pianeta” 1973 mega rare Italian Prog 


Dunque Roby had the insane idea of ​​propose to post directly instead of tormenting him with links that worse than the flies. I agreed for two reasons: first to thank everyone who has indirectly made me download the years, but especially to accommodate Roby, sometimes, you know, to contradict it can be dangerous. Besides, maybe you think that what I will write will be interesting. My commitment will be to disappoint him. Surely I will be brief. Caught at random days ago, but now after the storm makes the nerdiana appropriate to: I really hope that this cute Cidda has not already been reissued by famous label Discs of Topa of Bangladesh. Well then today is the album of Laser -Life on Planet - 1973. Typical heavy prog album. for existential atmosphere of pessimism with nice veins that never hurts (just have a look at the titles …). vocal parts so well, here and there look a bit ‘Nico Di Palo in the treble. Pleasant meteor in stratospheric, certainly not Darwin nor Collage History or a minute, I I’ve enjoyed for that raw sound that has made records in the house that reminds you of the good time that was. Then, we are in a free country, someone considers it the worst progressive album. But that’s another story. But why then post an album like? Why or why I would like to give space to everyone, absolutely everyone. Why not? verso la stratospera… 

A band from Rome, founded at the end of the 60’s with the name Il Laser by Elvezio Sbardella, who was in the early days their singer and later their lyricist and producer, they made their debut single single in 1972 for a small label from Emilia. The first line-up included a keyboardist named Gino. 

The album Vita sul pianeta, released by the Car Juke Box label with no promotion, is very short, with eight tracks in hard prog style, guitar and keyboards to the fore. A good album, though the production is not great, sought after by collectors for its rarity. 
The group didn’t have a role singer, and the vocal parts are the weakest point of the album, the naive lyrics were about the evolution of mankind on earth. 

Laser broke up in 1973, right after the LP release, due to the fact that keyboardist D'Agostino had its military duties and the others had work commitments. 
Riccardo Paolucci was the only one who’s kept playing in the clubs of Rome……italian Prog…. 

This one surprised me a bit – I guess I was expecting it to be much worse. I suppose it’s a bit dated for 1973, with definite psych / beat influences and shorter songs. In many ways, Laser was far behind their contemporaries of the time, but all that aside, it’s a pretty nice album and supposedly one of the rarest; the Mellow CD is taken from a scratchy LP. The guitar is especially nice with fuzzed bluesy riffs played with emotion, and varied keyboard work with The Nice, Ekspetion, and Quatermass influence. Surprisingly good actually, and worth checking out. ….. 

“Vita sul pianeta is a concept album released in 1973 by the Car Juke-Box record label, the same one responsible for the first Le Orme’s LP’s. It was recorded by Laser, a five-piece band from Rome previously named Il Laser di Elvezio Sbardella after their founder’s name. Even if most people are interested in the album because it is extremely rare (one of the rarest in the Italian progressive rock field, with just a few hundred copies printed), the music should be re-estimated here, especially if we consider that the LP was recorded with a very limited budget and in just one take. It is also really varied, composed of both hard rock guitar and keyboard-based songs, with hints of beat and blues music, too. The band sadly split up right after the release of Vita sul pianeta, due to the lack of support from the record label and the keyboard player leaving to join the military service. Very difficult to find also in its previous reissues, the album is now available again on black, 180 gram audiophile vinyl.” 

Riccardo Paolucci (voce, chitarra) 
Valentino D'Agostino (voce. tastiere) 
Loris Cardinali (chitarra, voce) 
Adalberto Sbardella (basso) 
Antonello Musso (batteria) 

1 - Vita sul pianeta 
2 - Non vede la gente 
3 - Sconosciuto amico 
4 - Dove andremo? 
5 - L'ultimo canto del killer 
6 - corri uomo 
7 - Eri importante 
8 - alla fine del viaggio

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