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23 Aug 2016

Light Of Darkness "Light Of Darkness" 1971 Scottish Heavy Psych

Light Of Darkness "Light Of Darkness" 1971 Scottish Heavy Psych

The little-known Scottish band Light of Darkness consisted of Mike Reoch (bass, flute, piano, harmonica), Byron Grant (guitars, fiddle), John Latimer (vocals, piano, organ, percussion), and German drummer Manfred Bebert. They were based in Hamburg, Germany, and their only record was released by the German label Phillips in 1970. This self-titled debut album is in a kind-of progressive blues-rock style, highlighted by Latimer's odd voice and an energetic cover of Tony Joe White's "Soul Francisco." However, critics at that time dismissed the record as being directionless; the record-buying public ignored the LP and after a couple of concerts, Light of Darkness disbanded. Today, their only recording has become a minor cult classic and a collector's item. Unfortunately, the bandmembers disappeared and never recorded again. Before Light of Darkness, both Reoch and Grant had been in a band called Mike Reoch and the Tremors (together with Dennis Morrison and Don Stuart), and released an album called "Internationale Evergreens" on Elite Special in the 1960s.......

These guys were actually Scottish but they lived in Germany while they made this only LP of their short career. Their sound is a pretty unique mix of bluesy stuff, psychedelic elements, some hard rock sound and odd vocals that remind a bit about Captain Beefheart. These seven songs are quite strong and I can say that I enjoy all of them. None of them really stands out as the ultimate highlight. This is indeed a pretty balanced album. 

I definitely enjoy this record but it's still not one of my favourites. Light of Darkness' only LP is a very nice disc but nothing completely awesome......

Mike Reoch (bass, flute, piano, harmonica) 
Byron Grant (guitars, fiddle) 
John Latimer (vocals, piano, organ, percussion) 
Manfred Bebert (drums)
1. Movin' Along 

2. Love In Your Heart 
3. Ain't No Place Where I Belong 
4. Soul Francisco 
5. Freedom Fight 
6. Time 
7. Down 'n' Out

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