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8 Aug 2016

Liza “Liza” 1975 Denmark Prog Art Rock first album

Liza “Liza” 1975 Denmark Prog Art Rock first album


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«Liza» - Danish rock band 70s. Launched in 1967 in the center of North Jutland town of Aalborg (Aalborg), entitled «Crowd». In 1970, the «Crowd» released the single «Junk / Bliv Her» on the label «Quali-Sound», then renamed the group «Liza». In 1974, most of the group moved from Jutland to Copenhagen, to record their debut LP. In 1975, the Danish branch of the label «Mercury» was recorded first singles «That’s What You Better Do» and «Serious», and soon full-length self-titled album. It is worth noting that the album was a success, although not without some notable influences. What especially should pay attention, because this is a stylistic and emotional variety of material on the disc. They sing in English……


Per Møller — guitar, vocals
Peter Brander — guitar, vocals
Tex Kaptain — bass
John Vammen — keyboards
Poul Ankjær — drums, percussion, vocals

Jesper Thilo — tenor saxophone (04, 06)
Niels Tuxen — pedal steel guitar (05)
Ianne Elo, Jannie Høg — backing vocals
Michael Elo — producer, backing vocals

01. That’s What You Better Do — 3:47
02. Sweet Stuff — 5:36
03. What Would You Do — 5:38
04. Back To Arizona — 3:45
05. Bad, Bad Thing — 4:02
06. Well, Here I Am — 4:44
07. Progression — 2:30
08. And We Blew — 6:37

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