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13 Aug 2016

Locanda Delle Fate ”Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più” 1977 Italy Prog Rock

Locanda Delle Fate ”Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più” 1977 Italy Prog Rock

one of the best Italian Prog Rock älbums in 70′s…recommended..!


Locanda Delle Fate - Live At RAI (1977) Full Show

This is the best prog album of all time. Music does not get any better than this. Genesis is good, PFM is excellent, but Locanda delle Fate’s first album is THE essential album you must get. Melodies are awesome, music is rich, and the voice is… superb! You listen to this music and then you understand what music is at its best! ……

Talk about a delicious morcel of progressive recording…check this one out. Lots of beautiful, highly romantic influenced prog with great vocals (Leonardo Lasso). Each song is perfect and flows nicely together making this one of the all time best Italian prog releases. In many ways LDF have a “YES-like” approach but do not necessarily sound like them! This is a very well recorded considering the year of its origin and has nice audio seperation. It is very hard to believe that this was their only complete studio work!! Mellow records has released a real jem capturing LDF live which will please all fans of this studio work, but the sound repro is slightly below the best of standards. ……

This is my favorite Italian progressive rock album. 1977’s “Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Piu” is a beautiful masterpiece that few other albums can match. LOCANDA DELLE FATE were a 7-piece band consisting of two keyboardists, two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a singer. Unfortunately, they began their careers as a band just as prog was starting to die in Italy. After the album was released, the band found little to no demand for live performances and little interest for their music. So after a short tour, and a couple of failed singles, they quit. The music here is colorful in a symphonic way, and emphasizes intensely melodic interaction from the various instruments. What really impresses me about this recording is the attention that went into detail. I’m still discovering new melodies, countermelodies, and harmonies every time the CD gets played. Themes are stated, developed, go through variations, and resolved in such a majestic manner that it’s tough to compare LDF to other bands. Leonardo Sasso, the singer, reminds me a bit of Ian ANDERSON. His voice is warm, and at times close to operatic. Overall, music doesn’t get much better than this! ……

Well I like to add something about this pretty and controversial album, regarding of the major Polygram, the label under which this ensemble from Piemonte District (Northern West Italy) produced this melodic and quite pop stuff,anyway characterized by a strong Romantic mood as well:probably it should deserve an half star below, at least, whenever you like to compare it to the masterpieces by Banco and PFM;nevertheless this production was over the average and often regarded as an essential Italian progressive rock album of late seventies,cause it represents the bridge between the melodic pop of the early eighties and the complex symphonic genre within the Romantic Progressive Scene of the early seventies. Except on the performance by the Italian vocalist, very different from that one of his reference Mr Di Giacomo from BANCO,which doesn’t convince in all the circumstances, all the other harmonic and melodic lines are quite remarkable.The Romantic mood of the album, sometimes dramatic, is memorable!!


Not much to add to this one….I just ADORE this album, put the best of Banco and PFM…mixed a bit with Yes/Genesis and Camel and you will have Locanda; no kidding!. Does progressive music can give you more pleasure or get any richer than this..?

Dual guitars, dual Keys, seven members,a vocalist (that put so much passion in his singing that makes your head spin) and the right chemistry between them; because I have to be honest, nobody shine more than the other…and, that is probably what makes this band as great as it was…at least for a split second in time!!!…Maybe?, that is the formula…there is a tip on all this, I guess….. I have read many comments regarding this one, some exellent..other good and some others pretty bad; specially regarding the voice of Leonardo. IMHO, this is a MASTERPIECE!!!!! all the way thru (see my definition of that on GG/“In a Glass House”).

While driving today and listening to this CD, I could not stop to think about how come?, is that some bands, will take forever to get this success and there are some others like Locanda Delle Fate that with their first attempt reach a Classic Achievement…I really can not explain that; I just will have to say that is a shame that like many other ESSENTIAL Italian progressive Acts of the 70’, they made ONE album and then disappeared in obscurity (their 1999 release is good but will not stand against this one..)

You will regret if a copy of this album is not in your collection..Highly Recommended!!!!……

Sounding nothing like BANCO in my opinion, but a little like a mixture of PFM with early GENESIS, this album is a peach. Rich, melodic music with vocals having that very typical Italian male singers’ slight gruffness at times (but definitely pleasant on this album).

Waves of keyboards, guitars, flute and vocals flow over you. Listening to the music makes me feel slightly melancholic and nostalgic. I can’t speak Italian and don’t understand the lyrics, so for the music alone to be able to actually evoke such emotions illustrates its power. I think this is an album for the romantic (not in the love sense). If you enjoy rich, melodic, symphonic rock with vocals then you will like this album a lot.

This highly melodious, very sentimental symphonic rock music may not be to everyone’s taste, but I find it outstanding and play it often. I’m dithering: 4 or 5 stars? Oh, to Hell with it: 5! I just can’t bring myself to give it less…….

Locanda delle Fate’s album is one of the finest symphonic prog works from Italy. I cherish it as a stunning exposure of well crafted melodies, counterpoints, performed with finesse and emotional involvement. The grand piano is the lead instrument, since it handles a starring role in the intro of main melodies and harmonies; once the other musicians join in, the listener is given a delicious feast of stunning interplay between pianos, moog and string fake synths, flute, and even some effective touches on vibes. the solos on guitar, flute and synth are developed to a subtle degree, never to shatter the overall instrumental balance. Nevertheless, unlike many other reviewers, I won’t give it a perfect rating, since I perceive a minor flaw in the album as a whole. I feel that there is some slight formulaic tedency in this album’s repertoire, which makes it one step shorter of perfection: once you’ve listened to and enjoyed the first three tracks, you’ve already got the whole picture. It doesn’t mean that tracks 4 and 7 are not splendorous: they are full of clever chord progressions, counterpoints,… but somehow I find that all those tricks have already been used in the previous tracks, and now are becoming a bit (just a little bit) tiring. One exception is the beautiful brief acoustic ballad ‘Non Chiudere a Chiave le Stelle’, which drifts apart from the symph pompousity in order to convey a more bucolic ambience. I love Leonardo Sasso’s vocal range and singing style: Alusa Fallax’s singer (also drummer-percussionist) has a similar range, though his style was a bit less romatically driven. All in all, this Locanda delle Fate’s album is one awesome item in any prog collection. In a time when Le Orme and PFM were starting to lose their own identity, BMS was increasingly less productive, and most of all other good-to-great Italian bands had simply disappeared after recording one album (or two), Locanda delle Fate managed to do a terrific thing in a genuine symphonic prog vein. …….

Ahh! what a great album!

I was so surprised when I’ve listened to such an album for the first time! An outstanding musicianship, based on a twin guitar and twin keyboards line-up. Great vocals provided by the duo Ezio Verey and Alberto Gaviglio. What a pity the band arrived too late, on a declining progressive scene (1977).they should have been great! It seems to me to hear to some refences of Genesis and Jethro Tull, a mixture I’ve always thought it would have been fantastic to reproduce! Locanda delle Fate did it, building up one of the most beautiful efforts in all the Italian prog-rock history! A melodic one, as the italian tradition, but brilliant, fresh and (somehow) powerful!

A Volte un'Istante di Quiete (Sometimes a moment of quiet) is an impressive instrumental opener with catchy melody, sweetness and great contribution from all the band. Pure piano and dreaming keyboards in a dominant position, both well interlaced!

The title track (Perhaps fireflies don’t love each other nevermore) is my favourite of the album: another interesting piano intro with a softer first part.then starts all its progressiveness 10 minutes long! They’ve tried to captivate audience with the delicacy of their well refine lyrics.

Profumo di Colla Bianca (white glue’s parfume) is more melodic and introvert than the previous one. But doesn’t lack in mordant!

Cercando un Nuovo Confine (Searching for a new border) is an intense soft one with some highlights of poetry! “.You’ve remained here just a moment, silently watching. and the stars will love you without asking who you are.”.

Sogno di Estunno (Estunno’s Dream) is a great highlight of the album, soft and powerful at the same time (as all the album indeed!) with some references from Jethro Tull: “.it’s strange, you know, the summer with thousands of colours but I cannot see them!…”.

Non Chiudere a Chiave le Stelle (Do not key-locked the stars) is another astonishing soft piece, shorter than all the previous (it was the album’ single published in 1977).

Vendesi Saggezza (Wisdom On Sale) is the album closer: 9,30 mns of pure great melodic prog: “.I wonder if when the rope will press my neck, mouth wouldn’t cry.”.

“New York” is a bonus tracks of the omonimous single released in 1977. You can find it on the 1994 digitally remastered cd! This one has good and polite melody, but it’s not at the same level of the previous stunning pieces!

This album is great, I recommend to all you out there, Italian-prog-lovers!……

I don’t know why I never noticed this WONDERFUL Italian symphonic progressive album in the 80’s, even in the 90’s: what a miss I must admit! Actually, this record must be considered at the same level as the really best progressive albums, like Selling England by the pound, Thick as a brick and Close to the edge. I believe this record is the BEST work of the Italian progressive subgenre. Completely sung in Italian, all the songs are never less than OUTSTANDING!! Seriously, this record belongs to the RARE ones in which EVERY MOMENT is INTERESTING: I cannot think about just one ordinary or boring minute! The tracks are EXTREMELY well balanced, the instruments are very well distributed all through the tracks, and, like Genesis, the instruments work together instead of going into different directions, trying to show off. Among the influences, let’s mention PFM’s “Photos of ghost”: indeed, the numerous mellow flute parts and some floating keyboards bits clearly remind it. The singer can be considered a bit as an expressive & theatrical Italian version of Ian Anderson himself. The electric guitar is surprisingly omnipresent and rather rock, reminding a bit Jethro Tull circa Thick as a brick. One of the main strength is the VERY OMNIPRESENT, elaborated and melodic piano a la Tony Banks: that’s why a comparison with Selling England by the pound is not exaggerated. The mini moog sounds very Italian, like the other famous progressive Italian bands of the 70’s. There are some very pleasant harpsichord parts, giving a bit the Baroque style to the ensemble. Sometimes the tracks contain delicate acoustic guitars, giving a folkier touch to the song. Surprisingly, the good Hammond organ is rather discreet. The elaborated bass and the refined drums perfectly complete this true masterpiece. The best track is “Vendesi sagezza”. especially the VERY complex and refined second part beginning just past 4:00: notice the fully interlocking bit full of clavinet a la Gentle Giant! IMPRESSIVE! The last track “New York” reminds me a bit the band Il Volo. This record should have been named: “Never a dull moment!”


Locanda delle Fate was an Italian band from Asti that had been playing covers and listening to other prog band’s music for a long time before the release of this album with their own compositions. You can find here many influences but all these influences are blended together with a romantic and “original touch” and the result is quite good.

The opener “A volte un istante di quiete” (Sometimes a moment of quiet) is an instrumental track that every now and then reminds me of BMS and Genesis and that shows the great musicianship of the members of the band. Anyway, in my opinion, the inspired lyrics and the wonderful vocals are the strength of the album. “Dragged by a theft of conscience / Dazzled by myths and legends / Our dreams full of miracles / Are not enough anymore / When the light comes.” : the title track “Forse le lucciole non si amano più” (Maybe the fireflies don’t love each other anymore) is about the contrast between dreams and reality and leads you in a world of quiet where to look for “the illusions and the dreams that nobody buy anymore”. The following “Profumo di colla bianca” (Smell of white glue) is about a man that, after having found in the attic an old notebook and some old toys, longs for the dreams and the illusions of the childhood. “A thousand glasses reflect the memories left by a child / I pick up a book of pictures faded by reality / Immense wish of closing the doors on my age.”…

The album goes on in his dreamy mood. The music and the well balanced arrangements exalt the oneiric images created by lyrics and vocals: the contrasts between illusions and disillusions and between dreams and reality are described in many poetical ways as in a kind of concept album.“Cercando un nuovo confine” (Looking for a new border), “Sogno di Estunno” (Dream of Summer/Autumn), “Non chiudere a chiave le stelle” (Don’t lock the stars) and “Vendesi saggezza” (Wisdom for sale) are all wonderful tracks and there are no weak moments. “I don’t want explain anymore / You will be greater than Icarus / You will watch yourself flying”. After all I think that the beautiful album cover describes very well its contents, probably better than all my words.

On the CD edition there’s also a bonus track (“New York”), but it is not at the same level of the other tracks. Anyway, in the whole I think that “Forse le lucciole non si amino più” is a little masterpiece………

Originally released in 1977, “Forse le lucciole non si amano più” is an LP for which the term ‘masterpiece’ is never wasted. Perhaps the last true album of Italian Progressive Rock, before the genre was completely overshadowed by waves of ‘new’ music, and then come back strongly in vogue in the new millennium.

Reviewed hundreds of times and as many incensed, it is a record that has stood the inexorable passage of time, due to its perfect balance among its parts: guitars, keyboards, flutes, voice and text: in “Forse le lucciole…” there probably isn’t a single note that needs to be changed. Unfortunately, since it was published with a discrete delay in comparison to the period of maximum splendor of the genre, the LP was not appropriately advertised and sold, and as a result the group, after a couple of new 45rpm’s, broke up shortly thereafter.

Despite his fame, “Forse le lucciole…” has never been reissued on vinyl in Europe in almost 40 years. This re-release on Vinyl Magic record label, faithful in every detail to the original of ’77, finally fills a gap that many progressive Italian fans anxiously waited since too long!…..

Line-up / Musicians

- Leonardo Sasso / lead vocals
- Alberto Gaviglio / electric guitar, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
- Ezio Vevy / electric guitar, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, flute
- Michele Conta / piano 
electric Piano, synthesizer (Polymoog), harpsichord, clarinet 
- Oscar Mazzoglio / Hammond organ, Fender electric piano, synthesizers (Moog, Polymoog)
- Luciano Boero / bass, Hammond organ
- Giorgio Gardino / drums, vibraphone

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. A volte un istante di quiete (6:31) 
2. Forse le lucciole non si amano più (9:48) 
3. Profumo di colla Bianca (8:25) 
4. Cercando un nuovo confine (6:41)
5. Sogno di Estunno (4:41)
6. Non chiudere a chiave le stelle (3:34)
7. Vendesi saggezza (9:37)

Total Time: 49:17

Bonus track on 1994 Polydor CD (523 688-2):
8. New York (4:32)

Bonus tracks on 2001 and 2010 Japanese CDs:
8. New York (4:32)
9. Nuove Lune (4:14)

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