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13 Aug 2016

Manar “Manar” 1971 Iceland Prog Rock

Manar “Manar” 1971 Iceland Prog Rock 


Group from Iceland, combining in his album heavy blues - rock (Songur Satans and Eg Horfi A Brimid), hard (Lif Pitt) and heavy prog. There is also a ballad Litli Fuglinn and symphonic instrumental Preludia I A-Moll with violins and flutes . Top tracks are at the end of the album - heavy prog Sandkorn Pridja Heimsstyrjoldin. Manar were one of the groups that followed Trubrot, but the self-titled album Manar surpassed any albums of Trubrot. 11 songs cover a wide range of northern senses, offering powerful electric guitars gashes and melancholic vocals and Hammond. Some tracks are closer to folk-rock with their vocals, acoustic guitar, flute and piano (“Litli Fuglinn”). This classic album is recommended to fans of Old Man & The Sea and Junipher Greene.

Oiafur Porarinsson (vocal, guitar, flute)
Bjorn Porarinsson (organ)
Guomundur Benediktsson (vocal, piano)
Smari Kristjansson (bass)
Ragnar Sigurjonsson (battery)

01. Líf Þitt 2:21
02. Hvers vegna? 3:08
03. Söngur Satans 3:21
04. Litli fuglinn 2:19
05. Ég horfi Á brimið 2:28
06. Leikur að vonum 2:55
07. Haustregn 3:47
08. Villi verkamaður 2:49
09. Sandkorn 3:14
10. Prelúdía Í a moll 2:11
11. Þriðja heimstyrjöldin 4:31

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