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8 Aug 2016

Masala Dosa “Masala Dosa 77″ 1979 Danish Prog Psych

Masala Dosa “Masala Dosa 77″ 1979 Danish Prog Psych


Rated an essential progressive european rock album in Dag Erik Asbjørnsen`s book about the progressive rock-era - Scented Gardens of the mind. ….

Like just about every 1970s Danish band, Masala Dosa maintain a rural rock foundation. The songs on Side 1 are pretty weak, but are saved by some very fine guitar solos. Side 2 is primarily instrumental and considerably the better half. Again, the guitar sections here are nothing short of phenomenal. In this way, Masala Dosa are more a throwback to the early 70s works by Culpeper’s Orchard, Midnight Sun and Day of Phoenix. Despite the Indian name, there’s sparse reference to Indian culture save a little sitar. Recommended. ….

Masala Dosa was a band from Denmark, formed in the capital Copenhagen in 1975. The quartet came by former members of local groups like Hyldemor and Bifrost and released only a rare album in 1979, without much emphasis on the local scene. After lineup changes the band ended its activities in the early 80s.
“Masala Dosa 77” is divided into 6 tracks difficult to classify, mixing progressive and psychedelic rock, but with touches of fusion and even space rock, reminding local names as Culpeper’s Orchard. Vocals in Danish appear in the A side, but the highlight is the instrumental, often melodic and with great guitar work by Vagn Carlsen, accompanied by acoustic guitar, synthesizers and even sitar. As for the tracks, the best are “Pink Cosmos”, “Drom eller hva” and the long “Cykelløbet”. Great choice for progressive and psychedelic rock fans, recommended! ….


A1 Livets Karrusel 6:05
A2 Tryllemagt 7:16
A3 Follow Your Intuition 6:25
B1 Cykelløbet 12:20
B2 Pink Cosmos 6:35
B3 Drøm Eller Hva 4:10

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