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23 Aug 2016

Mecki Mark Men "Running in the Summer Night" 1969 Swedish Psych Rock

Mecki Mark Men  "Running in the Summer Night" 1969 Swedish Psych Rock


There is no need for a second introduction for this Swedish super group; Mecki Mark Men. But here is some rare footage of the band acting to two of their absolut best songs “Running In The Summer Night” and “The Life Cycle: Being Is More Than Life”. This was broadcasted in the Swedish television show Kram: Tema Att Lyssna (Hug: Theme To Listen) Mars 31, 1969. “Being Is More Than Life”, written by Kenny Håkansson, is one of those fantastic songs that make all of your senses shiver and invokes the belief of an entirety. The film sequences with rapid zooming of winter landscapes from above along with the band sitting in meditation is among the best music videos that Swedish Television did in the 60s. Free from slapsticks and burlesque which otherwise was so common during the decade.In 1967 T-Boones became Baby Grandmothers, with Kenny Håkansson on guitar, Pelle Ekman on drums and Bella Ferlin on bass. A short-lived trio who recorded one rare single in Finland. Soon they teamed up with the organist Mecki Bodemark and took over the name Mecki Mark Men. Mecki Bodemark had allready recorded one self titled LP (Philips, 1967), including Thomas Mera Gartz from Pärson Sound on drums. The new line-up, a mixture between Baby Grandmothers and Mecki Mark Men, recorded two LPs Running in the summernight (Limelight, 1969) and Marathon (Sonet, 1971). And was the first Swedish psych/progressive group to try their wings in the states. The performance below is recorded right after the band came home from that tour. Its recorded at Stockholmsterassen in 1970. Amazing stuff!...

Lead by keyboardist and vocalist Mecki Bodemark, MECKI MARK MEN are considered one of the first big Swedish psychedlic acts. They released an eponymous album in 1968 but soon after, Bodemark went his own way and teemed up with a threesome called the BABY GRANDMOTHERS to form MECKI MARK MEN. In 1968, they were the supporting act for FRANK ZAPPA AND THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION at Stockholm's Concert House, as well as for JIMI HENDRIX during his Swedish tour. In 1969, they released a second album called "Running in the Summer Night", made TV appearances and were part of the Swedish cast of the popular musical "Hair". The following year, they went on a U.S. tour and played at rock festivals headlining The BYRDS, SLY & THE FAMILY STONE and JETHRO TULL among others. However, the tour ended up in chaos. They had stayed there for 3 months yet their visas were only valid for 6 weeks; they were also stuck in a hotel room they couldn't afford. So they made a deal with their manager, returned home and paid their debts by recording a third album ("Marathon"). They then broke up, with most of the cast soon resurfacing as KEBNEKAISE. They released a fourth album in 1979 under their original name, where Mecki Bodemark features as the only original member.

Typical of 60's psych and R&B, their music resembles that of JIMI HENDRIX, IRON BUTTERFLY and VANILLA FUDGE: trippy, brain melting distorted lead guitar with plenty of fuzz and wah-wah, and lots of wasted, stoned out vocals from Bodemark who, btw, does the same things with his formidable Hammond organ as Hendrix with his guitar. Their better release is perhaps "Running in the Summer Night", an album of heavy acid space rock where everyone is at his best, particularly Bodemark and guitar wizard Kenny Häkansson......

This formation was one of the first Swedish progressive/psychedelic rock bands. In the autumn of '67 they released their eponymous debut-album, the fine blend of jazz, blues and rock got a lot of positive reviews but the album sold not very well. After being support- act for ZAPPA'S MOTHER OF INVENTION and The JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE the band broke up in the spring of '68. Early '69 a new line up with prime mover Mecki Bodemark (organ and vocals) released a second LP entitled "Running In The Summer Night", it was also released in the USA and followed by an American tour were the band shared bills with The BYRDS, SLY & The FAMILY STONE, Paul BUTTERFIELD and JETHRO TULL. After their third LP entitled "Marathon" the band finally dissolved in the fall of '71. Thanks to the Swedish (prog) rock label Mellotronen we can enjoy the second album "Running In The Summer Night". The music on the 14 songs (including two bonus tracks) is very similar to VANILLA FUDGE (soulful vocals and Hammond organ), The JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE (wah-wah guitar) and CREAM (powerful guitar and propulsive rhythm-section). The melodic progressive mix of rock, blues and jazz and the solos on guitar (often fiery) and Hammond (bluesy and swirling) sound very tasteful with lots of changing atmospheres in that typical Sixties mood. Not only the music is great, also the artwork: a digipack triple-foldout-cover with an inlay info book.....

Wow is that jimi hendrix on vocals? Kidding of course but Mecki Bodemark seriously sounds a lot like him in a lot of the tracks. These guys were defiantly inspired by JHE and do a darn good job playing the whole psych thing. The heavy organs remind me of a typical US/england hard rock band. the bass is nice and heavy too, really ancors the music. Not a bad cd at all......


Bella Ferlin: bass 
Kenny Hakansson: Guitar 
Mecki Bodemark: Organ, Vocals 
Pelle Ekman: Drums 

Side A: 
1. Sweet Swede Girls (4:20) 
2. Playing Child (4:40) 
3. Is He Safe? (4:13) 
4. Don´t Wanna Hurt You (4:00) 
5. Future On The Road (4:46) 

Side B: 
1. The Life Cycle, a) Spoken Intro (0:13) 
2. The Life Cycle, b) Born (3:59) 
3. The Life Cycle, c) Different Directions (2:54) 
4. The Life Cycle, d) Being Is More Than Life (2:46) 
5. Help Me Somebody (2:29) 
6. Butterfly (3:18) 
7. Running In The Summernight (5:13) 

Bonus tracks: 

1. Future on the Road (6:04) 
2. The Life Cycle (9:39)

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