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25 Aug 2016

Motiffe “Motiffe” 1972 Private UK Psych Prog

Motiffe “Motiffe” 1972 mega rare Private UK Psych Prog reissued by Shadocks 


Super rare early ‘70s UK progressive psych private pressing was only recently located and raved about in Record Collector…. Long tracks with guitar, flute, percussion bass, sax etc. similar to, If, King Crimson, Colosseum etc. Located in St. Albans, 20 minutes away from London, Motiffe recorded this album in a home situation with no overdubs. A full blown progressive band with songs, techniques which reminds a lot of bands such as IF, Gracious and Gravy Train. Great keyboards, fuzz guitar which turns the music in something Mothers of Invention like plus flute & sax, real complex songs and very little vocal. These guys can play for sure and they are instrumentalists . Originally released in 1972 on the famous Deroy label. Supposedly only 2 known copies of this baby exist. 
LP 450 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing on Shadoks. 


1 Grotesque Piece 5:16 
2 Analogy 6:18 
3 Life Reciprocal 10:34 
4 To George 8:27 
5 Mind & Body 

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