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13 Aug 2016

Mtume Umoja Ensemble “Alkebu-Lan - Land Of The Blacks” Live At The East USA, 1972 Political spiritual jazz.

Mtume Umoja Ensemble “Alkebu-Lan - Land Of The Blacks” Live At The East USA, 1972 Political spiritual jazz.


An extremely rare album such as Alkebu-Lan should not be overlooked just because of it’s limited print and lack of exposure; this double album is 90 minutes of some of the best Avant-Garde Jazz ever recorded. ..

Cult Spiritual / political free Jazz concert recorded in 1971 at The East, Brooklyn, NY.
Features an almost perfect cast of Spiritual Jazz musicians : Gary Bartz, Carlos Garnett, Stanley Cowell, Andy Bey… Cult Strata-East records release!

Sleeve has light ring wear and some moderate scuffings on edges. Records have hairlines but play great, with occasional surface noise on quiet parts….

Hyper-afro spiritual jazz teetering between avant-garde inventiveness and free jazz madness. The ensemble is lead by James Mtume, a percussionist who during this period was playing regularly with with Miles Davis, Buddy Terry, Sonny Rollins, Pharoah Sanders and others. He released two albums as a leader. Both are great representations of 1970s New York free jazz, and among the best displaying the possibilities of larger ensembles. ‘Alkebu-Lan: Land Of The Blacks’ was recorded at The East, a radical venue in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, remembered for the Pharoah Sanders album bearing its name, and notable for not allowing white people to pass its doors. …

Mtume, congas, tonette horn
Carlos Garnett, tenor saxophone & flute
Gary Bartz, alto & soprano saxophone
Leroy Jenkins, violin
Stanley Cowell, piano
Buster Williams, bass
Ndugu, drums
Bily Hart, drums
Andy Bey, vocals
Joe Lee Wilson, vocals
Eddie Micheaux, vocals
Yusef Iman, poetry
Weusi Kuumba, poetry

A1 Invocation
A2 Baba Hengates
B1 Utamu
B2 Saud
C1 Alkebu-Lan
C2 No Words
D1 Seperate Not Equal
D2 Sifa (The Prayer)

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