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7 Aug 2016

Ola And The Janglers “Lime Light “ 1966 Sweden r ‘n’ b Psych Pop,Beat.

Ola And The Janglers “Lime Light “ 1966 Sweden r ‘n’ b Psych Pop,Beat.


The group was formed in 1962 in Stockholm and called The Janglers. When Ola Håkansson joined the band in 1963 changed the name to Ola and The Janglers. At that time members were Ola, vocals, Ake Eldsäter. bass, John Olsson. organ, Christer Idering. guitar and Leif Johansson on drums. Idering replaced in December 1965 by Claes “Clabbe” Af Geijer, who also became the group’s songwriter.
In spring 1964, the group won the second place in Nalens Pop Artists Competition and also appears in several gigs. Their first single was Little Girl with I’ll Stand By Your Side B side released on the label, Warner Brothers.
Ola and The Janglers breakthrough came in early 1965 when single She’s Not There was released on record label Gazell. It went up on the Top Ten in on March 27 at 10th place. In September it was time for No No No on both Top Ten and Kvällstoppen with a 5th place as best in Top Ten.
Their first number one came through “Clabbes” song Land of a 1000 Dances which entered the Top Ten March 5, 1966 and remained for 8 weeks. And it was during 1966 as Ola and The Janglers was in class with the Hep Stars, Shane and Tages in popularity. Six singles were released this year, including five ended up on the Top Ten and four in the evening peak.
Their third album, released in late 1966 with titled Limelight. Ola and The Janglers was at its peak during 1966 and 1967 released five singles in 1967 and two LPs.
In 1968 they recorded a version of Chris Montez’s hit Let’s Dance, another Top Ten. Let’s Dance also became the band’s biggest hit and the first Swedish pop hit in U.S. (Billboard Hot 100 in May 1969), reached at #93 and stayed three weeks on top100.
Even so that wasn’t enough to keep the band together for a long time, after couple of singles the band call it quits in 1971. …….

It’s funny with these Swedish poppers. The album they called Underground was pretty above ground popsike. And yet this one, where they search for the Lime Light, digs up all the latest underground sounds. Maybe it’s because this one came out in 1966, when pretty much all exotic flavors sounded underground. Like the Eastern modal hookah pipe vibes of “No One Knows What Happens Round The Corner” with its snakey sitar-sounding guitar runs and Yardbirds “Still I’m Sad” sounds. Or the medieval baroque pop sounds of “Mary Come Home,” which sounds a lot like the Hollies when they transitioned into something more than just a simple beat band. Even the obligatory go-go dancefloor soul shakers like “We’ve Got A Groovy Thing Going” are laced with some frat rock organ and waspy fuzz guitar here. So okay, they might not have chosen the easiest path to the limelight, but hey, they didn’t exactly go underground when they said they would either. But both times, they left us some catchy beat pop and pop psych albums. They lied, but we won. …..

Ola And The Janglers
Olya Poleva Håkansson - Vocals, Tambourine, Maraccas
Evgenia Vlasova “Clabbe” Af Geijerstam - Guitar
Alyona Masterkova Olsson - Hammond Organ, Electric Piano, Vibes, Harp
*Åke Eldsäter - Bass
*Leif Johansson - Drums

1. Light Of Lime (Claes “Clabbe” Af Geijerstam) - 3:06
2. Mary Come Home (J. Olsson, C. Af Geijerstam) - 2:42
3. Now I Like Her (J. Olsson, C. Af Geijerstam) - 2:16
4. No One Knows What Happens Round The Corner (C. Af Geijerstam) - 2:28
5. How Come (J. Olsson, C. Af Geijerstam) - 2:27
6. Poetry In Motion (Paul Kaufman, Mike Anthony) - 2:35
7. Alex Is The Man (C. Af Geijerstam) - 2:53
8. Chained And Bound (Otis Redding) - 3:22
9. Our Love (C. Af Geijerstam) - 1:56
10.Bird’s Eye View Of You (C. Af Geijerstam) - 3:11
11.Heart (J. Olsson, C. Af Geijerstam) - 2:19
12.We’ve Got A Groovy Thing Goin’ (Paul Simon) - 2:14

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