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6 Aug 2016

Popo Five Music Incorporated “A Peça” 1969 Porto Portugal Psych Rock

Popo Five Music Incorporated “A Peça” 1969 Porto Portugal Psych Rock


Highly regarded Portuguese Psych Rock band who were at the time considered one of the best Rock bands in Portugal along with Quarteto 1111, when this lone Lp came out in 1969. Exact limited to 300 copies reprint of the original masterpiece highly sought after, deserving 5 stars on the Hans Pokora book. The album is made up of mostly covers (Beatles, Traffic, Hendrix, Purple, etc.) made in their own way with lots of Hammond organ, keyboards and fuzzy guitars.

Psychedelia with Hammond from Porto, Portugal. All covers, but especially on softer songs, sports some exquisite & melacholy Macca-worship that’s usually only associated with Peruvian bands (We All Together & company). Bach, McCartney himself, Traffic, Hendrix, etc, & escalating towards tuffer garage as it goes along. Their 1st full length, after which the band eventually made it to Pye in London to record, but was then derailed by compulsory military service. weirdorecords ……

Their first EP was released in 1968, that they called “Those Where The Days”. The disc includes “You’ll See” by Tozé Brito. The second EP (1969) includes the tracks “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da,” “The Weight,” “Adagio” and “Birthday”.
In 1969 they cut the album “A Peça” which includes some classic covers versions like, “Blackbird” (Beatles), “To Love Somebody” (Bee Gees), “Proud Mary” (Creedence Clearwater Revival ), “Medicated Go” (Traffic), “Mess Around,” “Hush,” “Come Down To My Boat”, “Baby”, “Fire” (Jimi Hendrix), “Sour Milk Sea” (George Harrison) and “Can I Get a Witness ”(Holland-Dozier-Holland).

Even by 1969 a new single was released, Mike McGill with Pop Five Music Incorporated, edited by Orpheus Label with the tracks “Our Last Goodbye” / “Without Her” production by the band’s manager Fernando de Matos.

In 1970 they cut a new hit track “Orange”. The single is also released internationally.The Pop Five Music Incorporated will record to London, at Pye Studios, the six themes of the three singles released between 1971 and 1972. They cut also “Page One”. This 7’’ was released in Brasil, Australia, Holland, France and Germany. In 1971 “Stand By” was released , a heavy rock tune, very similar to that another groups made like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin. The A side of this single was the theme “Golden Egg”, composed by Miguel Graça Moura.

Their performance in the 1971 in Vilar de Mouros Festival achieve great success, the audience enjoyed the band. It was at this festival that the public can enjoy the “magic” of the two keyboard “wizards” of the time: Miguel Graça Moura and José Cid (who played in the Quartet 1111). In this edition of Vilar de Mouros Festival they played alongside of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and Elton John. The songs “Stand By”, “Take me to the sun” and “No time to live” were released but without obtaining the success of previous work.

In 1972 the band broke up. Álvaro Azevedo will be part of Psycho, Arte & Ofício and Trabalhadores do Comércio. Graça Moura would devote himself to his musical facet with classical training after leaving the rock music, Paul Godinho participate in several recordings of Portuguese musicians, including his brother, until to emigrate. In 1972, some of the members are called to compulsory military service and Miguel Graça Moura disbanded in October of that year. 35 years after the original line-up, they linked again for a gig at the disco Estado Novo. In 2004 it was released the compilation “Odisseia - Obra Completa 1968-1972” which includes a DVD with the reunion concert. …..

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