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31 Aug 2016

Procession “Procession” 1968 Australia Psych Pop

Procession “Procession” 1968 Australia Psych Pop 



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Procession was an Australian band formed in Melbourne in 1967 out of of two other bands, The Playboys and The Librettos. After releasing a few singles and an album down under the band relocated to London, trying to find a larger audience, where they released a second album in early 1969. The group is most noted for including English guitarist Mick Rogers who later joined Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The band attracted great reviews but poor sales….. 

The Australian band Procession had a little more international exposure than most groups from their native country in the late 1960s, achieving an album release in Britain and the US, though without commercial success. The rare, self-titled album, which appeared on Smash in the United States, was a curious mixture of California-like sunshine pop harmony rock, a dab of trendy psychedelia, smooth MOR harmony pop, and a bit of jazz. They also issued other material, including a 1968 single, “Listen,” which sounds like the pop-psychedelic phase of the Small Faces. That particular track didn’t make the LP, but does appear on the compilation So You Wanna Be a Rock'n'Roll Star Vol. 2, on the Australian Festival label. 

Before Procession, several of the band’s members had been in the Australian band the Playboys, and a couple had been in the Librettos. Procession got plenty of media coverage in Australia with a weekly spot on a national TV show, but didn’t become stars there, and like several other Australian rockers of the time, moved to England for a while in a vain attempt to crack the international market. Two of the members, Craig Collinge and Mick Rogers, later surfaced in Manfred Mann Chapter 3… allmusic…. 


A1 Simon Says 2:50 
A2 Gentley Does It 2:39 
A3 Essentially Susan 2:15 
A4 Signature Tune 2:37 
A5 Adelaide, Adelaide 2:42 
A6 You-Me 2:43 
B1 One Day In Every Week 2:32 
B2 Sweet Simplicity 3:11 
B3 Automobile 2:21 
B4 Wigwam City 3:18 
B5 Mind Magician 2:52 
B6 Every American Citizen 3:11 

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