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29 Aug 2016

Purple Wine “Purple Wine” 1971 UK Private Psych Rock

Purple Wine “Purple Wine” 1971 UK Private Psych Rock 


One of the absolute rarest UK private pressings, made in 1971 for the band’s own use, with only three or maybe four copies having surfaced since then. Superb teen prog pop/beat/psych album with a lovely dreamy Farfisa organ-based sound throughout on all-original material. Sounding three or four years earlier than the actual recording date, this was compared in the guide book Galactic Ramble to “the poppier tracks on the first Complex album”, which is a pretty accurate description for tracks like ‘Say It Now’ and the gorgeous ‘Tomorrow Morning’. The six-minute ‘Who’s To Blame’ (which features a great and fairly lengthy guitar solo) and ‘Dreaming’ have the same wide-eyed vocal and jamming prog-pop feel as the first Clouds album, ‘Make You’ and ‘I’ve Got To Move On’ are in the same vein as the psych-pop ballads on the Magic Mixture LP, while ‘Brick’ is a fantastic chunk of guitar/organ-led teen garage psych pop that concludes with an extended Farfisa solo. …..

Dave Moore - guitars, vocals
Brian Cox - drums
Bob Tansley - organ, vocals

A1. Say It Now
A2. Make You
A3. Why Dont You Listen
A4. Tomorrow Morning
A5. Whos To Blame
B1. You Said Goodbye
B2. I Really Love Her
B3. Brick
B4. Dreaming
B5. Ive Got To Move On

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