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5 Aug 2016

Rävjunk “Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner” 1977 Swedish Prog Punk Rok

Rävjunk “Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner” 1977 Swedish Prog Punk Rok


Shadoks Music present the first reissue of Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner (1977) from Scandinavia’s punk-psych band, Rävjunk. Hailing from Uppsala, these young musicians recorded what is now seen as a rare gem of the ‘70s. The bands style was quite unique: they were heavily influenced by German krautrock bands but also saw the heavy psych movement as a bright star. Some tracks on Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner are short with heavy and fuzzed-out guitars, other are ten-minute guitar jams.Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner clearly showcase the contemporary trends of the North European underground. The A-side delivers an impressive edifice of very raw punk rock and hard rock, mixed with some bluesy scales and progressive moves. The heavy drone excursions on the flip-side sound much more Teutonic with obvious krautrock allusions. Several influences are evident, but it’s all blended into something unique as each member brought their own intriguing ingredients into the music. GuitaristChrister Lindahl was a Hendrix freak and singer Sören G. Andersson was deeply involved in the new punk rock movement. Bassist Lars-Eric was very much into Jack Bruceand Cream, while Peter Ericsson, the drummer, was an avid fan of Can and Guru Guru. Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner is a great '70s Swedish psych album. Edition of 500 (numbered). 180 gram vinyl. Comes in a heavy sleeve and includes a two-page insert …..

- Sören G Andersson - vox, stringmachine
- Christer “The road grader” Lindahl - guitar, organ, vox
- Wilhelm Wallin - bass
- Peter Ericsson - guitar, drums
- Hasse Bruniusson - drums
- Olle Sjöstedt - guitar, vox
- Gert Hedov - guitar
- Kenneth Sylwan - harmonica
- Henrik Lind - guitar

A1 - Sherry, Vermouth, Vin å Öl
A2 - Hey Little Girl
A3 - Jag é så skitig jag é så paj
A4 - Uppsala Stadshotell brinner
A5 - Inferno
A6 - Säg mig Andersson
B7 - Nåsten (Den tysta skogen)
B8 - Snöspår (Del 1,2 och 3)
B9 - Vi Ses (Vid Taj Mahal)

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