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25 Aug 2016

Seiche “Demo Press” 1979 US mega rare Private Heavy Psych Prog + Seiche "Dose After Dose"reissue 1981 with extra bonus in 500 copies & different cover

Seiche “Demo Press” 1979 US mega rare Private Heavy Psych Prog + Seiche "Dose After Dose"reissue 1981  with extra bonus in 500 copies & different cover

Reissue of an ultra-rare 1981 test-pressing only release by this Chicago-based progressive hard rock trio

full + extra bonus

watch review  & thanks for psychedelic baby for rare photos- psychedelic baby a true underground site

watch The Secret History of Chicago Music: Seiche

Basically, partially the same prog rock band who released the ultra rare Seiche - Demo Press LP in 1981, but recorded the tracks in the late 70s. This is more of a compliation of tracks featuring the leader of Seiche, some from that rare Lp and some not. This is a hand numbered limited edition of 500 released back in the late 90s I think. This one is 316/500. Has small lyric booklet as well. 

The "It's Psychedelic Baby" blog clears up some vital data regarding Chicago hardrock band Seiche, whose retrospective album on Hexamon is one of the best archival releases from anywhere in the past 15 years; dynamite progressive hardrock way ahead of its time. 

Most of the info in the Acid Archives 2nd Ed entry checks out, with band leader Steve Zahradnik confirming a demo press release of 150 copies (the AA book says 100) of the original Seiche album; recorded ca 1978-79 but not pressed up until 1981. 

SEICHE (Chicago, IL) 
Demo Press 1981 (no label) [150p; 50 with color cover, 100 in plain white cover] 
Dose After Dose 1999 (Hexamon 001) [partial reissue; 500#d; 2 inserts] 
Seiche 2006 (CD Warp Drive) [full reissue of the 1981 LP] 

The rest of the material on the Hexamon release is not 'Seiche' but a later band called 'Dose After Dose' (this became the title for the Hexamon album). These tracks are more recent than has been stated in the past; Zahradnik places them in the 1990s, which is interesting considering how well they fit with the late '70s recordings. The Hexamon liner notes clearly indicate which tracks are from the Seiche and Dose After Dose eras, acid archives... 

Steve Zahradnik - Guitars & Lead Vocals 
Marc Levinson - Drums & Percussion 
Tom Vess - Bass & Vocals

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