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26 Aug 2016

Smyle “Smyle” 1970 Canada Psychedelic Rock

Smyle “Smyle” 1970 Canada Psychedelic Rock ..recommended..!


I’m amazed by how many great albums Columbia’s Canadian subsidiary released during the late 1960s and early 1970s - none of them having seen wide scale release in the States. 

Not to be confused with an early 1970s Dutch band operating with the same moniker, the Canadian Smyle apparently came together in 1967. Originally known as The Smile, the band featured the talents of Ron Demmans, Ray Durritt, bassist Peter Rihbany and a drummer by the name of Mel. Under the tutelage of Herb Lock, the quartet spent several years playing clubs around Toronto, before being signed to the small Ruby label in 1970 and releasing their debut 45: Encouraged by the hit, Columbia quickly teamed the band with producer John Williams resulting in the release of 1970’s “Smyle”. With three of the four members contributing to the writing chores, the album wasn’t particularly original, but with the exception of a needless Chuck Berry cover, virtually every one of eleven songs had at least something going to make them worth hearing. Musically there were lots of highlights. Backed by occasionally clumsy horn arrangements, “It’s Not Hard’ and ‘Company Man’ recalled the stylings of Lighthouse (but good Lighthouse). Elsewhere, ’(Gotta) Get To It’ and 'Better Road Ahead’ showcased the quartet’s pop-oriented side. At least to my ears these guys were actually at their best when they dropped the pop edges and worked in a harder rock arena. Tracks like 'Will I Get Home Tomorrow’, 'See Me Smiling Now’ and a wonderful cover of Joni Mitchell’s 'Woodstock’ were among the album’s best performance. Shame they didn’t get a shop at recording a follow-up album……. 

- Ron Demmans – vocals, guitar 
- Ray Durritt – lead guitar 
- Peter Rihbany – bass 
- Tim Regan – drums 

All tracks written by Ron Demmans except where noted. 
01. Glory Glory – 2:50 
02. Where You Goin’ – 2:50 
03. (Gotta) Get To It (Ray Durritt) – 2:45 
04. Will I Get Back Home Tomorrow – 3:45 
05. It’s Not Hard – 2:34 
06. See Me Smiling Now – 2:46 
07. Company Man – 3:58 
08. Better Road Ahead (Ron Demmans/Ray Durritt/Pete Rihbany) – 2:21 
09. Maybelline (Chuck Berry) – 2:30 
10. Away – 3:02 
11. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell) – 5:28 

1970 Glory Glory/Will I Get Back Home Tomorrow (Columbia) C4-2956 
1970 Company Man/(Gotta) Get to It (Columbia) C4-2987 
1971 It’s the World/Everybody Singing (Columbia) C4-3005 
1971 How Many Roads (Can You Fly)/Take it All (Columbia) C4-3046 

1970 Smyle (Columbia) ES-90017 

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