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11 Aug 2016

Spectrum “Geracao Bendita” 1971 Brazil psychedelic rock.

Spectrum “Geracao Bendita” 1971 mega rare Brazil psychedelic rock. 


“If you like Modulo 1000 you’ll love this one. Maybe the best Psych album ever released in Brazil with heavy guitar sounds, beautiful vocals and well-crafted songs. A hippy soundtrack starring the band itself. The movie was banned in Brazil. Geração Bendita (Blessed Generation). It was 1971, two years after Woodstock, and the Brazilian youth were still trying to live the hippie dream of the ‘Age of Aquarius’, even though a little late. In the wave of peace and love, a group of young musicians and moviemakers from Nova Friburgo, in Rio de Janeiro, dove into the production of what became known as 'the first Brazilian hippie movie’. Entitled Geração Bendita, the movie, directed by Carlos Bini and shot in Rio, has become something of a cult classic, remembered for both its visual imagery of the period and the rare and wonderful Original Soundtrack album that it spawned. Recorded in the studios of Todamérica in Rio de Janeiro, the album, also called Geração Bendita is credited to Spectrum, formed by the ex-members of the 2000 Volts band and actors/musicians appearing in the movie. The album assembles twelve songs with lyrics in Portuguese and some in English, most of them speaking about peace, love, freedom, nature and other themes and meaningful values of that time. Accentuated with plenty of fuzz guitars and vocals in a 'Beatles-style’, the record was hailed as a world-class production and the talents of the group above the national standard of that time.” …..

The time has come this wonderful, mega-rare psychedelic album is available on vinyl again. Groovie Records brings back to the ring one of the heaviest Brazilian psychedelic albums ever, the soundtrack of a 1971’s hippie movie with superb fuzz guitars all over, English/Portuguese vocals by both male and female singers and all original compositions. …

A psychedelic relic that has a rich backstory … Spectrum were one of many bands hippies off the coast of Brazil, and were chosen to provide the soundtrack to the documentary film by Carlos Bini, “Geraçao Blessed , ” which he was the idealism of the seventies chaotic experimentation. Rock guitars in line with the hard rock of Iron Butterfly & Led Zeppelin make an album that is worth pursuing if you like good psychedelic rock.

The absolute does not usually work out, so when he says, thinks or says something, someone or many are the best … always prefer to refer to personal tastes, because that color.
In the case in which we could say that “Geraçao Blessed” is the best album of Psycho made in Brazil, but we will say that is one of the best albums because in addition to the vast authors who haunted these lands quality can not be establish in those terms.
Spectrum is a group formed as a project in a recording studio to create the music for a film about the hippie community “Nova Friburgo” (Rio de Janeiro) which were also protagonists (Toby, Fernando Caetano, Serginho and David) and that project came this record high voltage where electric guitars are determined to burn the skin based fuzz, wah-wah and effects, really wild and surprising, but at the same time leave the emotion in whispers and beauty when composing themes based on sweet and melodious sound, keyboards and enveloping and delicate and sing in their native language in other subjects alternating with English effects.
A beautiful album as emotional as dark if you can think like that because in his day was censored and absolutely forbidden, so it remains a document of others who were against the tide all, but whose talent could not be silenced. The only but I put this little gem is the duration, half an hour for a job that lets me the taste to listen as fifty so they give, deliver and out of those hearts who feel what they do 'and in what way!!!
The voices are masterly, both soloists and choruses that break the silence in the various subjects, guitars already mentioned, something to hold onto, these acoustic delicacy and hugs, some arrangements that are uploaded to the cloud and set a piece of disc that leaves but very quiet after listening.
It is what you have, that where you least expect that soul that makes you stop thinking about what should not be, and falls in love with sounds like these arise.

“Spectrum’s Geração Bendita (Blessed Generation) came out in Brazil in 1971, sold poorly, and Wents forgotten Until the 1990s brought` a revival of the genre and record collectors Began to dig up old recordings, at Which point it became a sought-after rarity . The German label Shadoks reissued it in 2002. More than a curiosity, This album chronicles the difficult emancipation of a generation. Made up of ex-members of the group 2000 Volts, Spectrum Formed in the studio for esta specific project, the soundtrack of a movie directed by Carlos Bini, written and Performed by the members of a hippie community in Nova Friburgo (near Rio de Janeiro). Known as the first Brazilian hippie movie, it was completed in 1971, censured, and finally released in 1973 under the title E Isso Ai Bicho. The music draws inspiration from the Woodstock generation, Especially the folk songs of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the West Coast psychedelia of Jefferson Airplane, and the voice harmonies of The Mamas & the Papas. Except for an occasional acid guitar solo ( 'Trilha Antiga’), the songs REMAIN in pastoral settings, full of acoustic guitars and rich harmonies vowel. Love, sun, and the simpler pleasures of life are sung in Portuguese and Inglés, by Both male and female singers (uncredited in the liner notes). The sound quality on the reissue is shaky Often (some tracks Have Been obviously lifted from a copy of the LP in place of master tapes, '15 Years Old 'sounds downright awful), but the quality of the writing and the historical significance of esta album make it an interesting item for fans of the genre. However, be warned That it is short: 30 minutes ”.
- Caetano (José Luiz Caetano da Silva) / guitarra
- Fernando Gomes Correa Jr. / batería
- Fernando José Teixeira de Almeida / guitarra
- Sérgio Nogueira Régly / guitarra
- Toby (José Carlos Corrêa da Rocha) / bajo
- David John Giecco / arreglos y composiciones

1 - Quiabo´s
2 - Mother Nature
3 - Trilha Antiga
4 - Mary You Are
5 - Maria Imaculada
6 - Concerto do Pântano
7 - Pingo é Letra
8 - 15 Years Old
9 - Tema de Amor
10 - Thank You My God
11 - On My Mind
12 - A Paz, O Amor, Você

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