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20 Aug 2016

Sukellusvene “Vesi- ja lintumusiikkia” 1982 Finland Private Fusion Prog

Sukellusvene “Vesi- ja lintumusiikkia”. 1982 very rare Finland Private Prog Rock. 

Vesi- Ja Lintumusiikkia by Sukellusvene is a rare and awesome record from Finland, with a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of, but boy can they play! Here’s a review from the Outer Music Diary blog: “Simply: A very nice fusion album. Primary instruments are sax, synthesizer and guitar. Sounds much more like an album from 1973/74 than anything as late as 1979. More of a gritty edge, and one track sounds like a lost organ freaky fusion number that would’ve shown up on the German MPS label (and naturally my favorite track). Another anachronism is the use of the wah wah pedal as a rhythm component. Not a totally breathtaking release, but executed perfectly for the 70s jazz fusion sound. Overall the album recalls early Weather Report and Bill Connors-era Return to Forever. File next to the also-rare Jupu Group album. Band translates to “Submarine” and the album to “Water- And Bird Music”.

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