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28 Aug 2016

Supanova “100 Miles From Heaven The Complete Works 1975-1977″ Birmingham Heavy Rock

Supanova “100 Miles From Heaven The Complete Works 1975-1977″ Birmingham Heavy Rock

Tracks taken from Spaceward Studios Cambridge (1977).Zella Studios, Birmingham (1976). live and demo tapes from various locations mainly The Golden Eagle Pub, Birmingham (1975-1977), thanks to those garage hunters for this piece of history.

That guitarist Keith Rimmell and drummer Bob Peach joined Kevin Rowlands in THE KILLJOYS after SUPANOVA ceased to be give little credentials to the latter band whose forte was charged hard rock akin to their fellow Brummies BLACK SABBATH’s – just listen to “Planet Of Destruction”. There’s not a lot evidence of the group’s short existence, so short that the singer Colin Barlow never made it to the studio, and you could only imagine how much more irresistible “Sentenced” would have sounded with his pipes added to those memorable guitar lines. Imagining is possible with three live tracks that hint on the SUPANOVA’s real power, which easily turned into heartbreaking subtlety within one piece or rendered “Funny Frame Of Mind” so intimate.

But on-stage or not, their brilliant songs always had an unpolished, garagey quality to them, revealing punk’s debt to the early metal and putting the music history straight. In fact, “Groucho In Drag” sounds like an update of “Born To Be Wild” and “Diary Of A Madman” holds a good couple of punk ditties in it. Yet new tendencies destroyed SUPANOVA, and the band imploded just three years before New Wave Of British Heavy Metal they were true predecessors of. Too clever to simplify what had been qute simple anyway, the ensemble’s entire output deserves to be cherished now.


1 Sentenced 2 Never Before 3 Funny Frame Of Mind 4 Diary Of A Madman 5 Mary 6 Groucho In Drag 7 Eddy Today (Live) 8 Planet Of Distruction (Live) 9 Funny Frame Of Mind (Live) 10 Planet Of Distruction (rehearsal)

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