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27 Aug 2016

Terence “An Eye For An Ear” 1969 Canada Psych Garage Pop

Terence “An Eye For An Ear” 1969 Canada Psych Garage Pop 


The Terence of this album is Canadian 60s pop icon Terry Black from British Columbia. Black had his first hit in 1965, at the age of 15, with his second A-side “Unless You Care” (Arc 1074) which charted at #2 in Canada and #99 in the USA. This was quickly followed by several other charting singles and a “Best Male Vocalist” award in the same year. A brief move to the US followed where this album was conceived, though recorded in both New York and Toronto. An Eye For An Ear generally does not appear in Terry Black discographies and it is believed that this album is a “studio project” rather than an outright release by the artist. 

While certainly not bad, this is also not a great album to my ears. Too much pop balladry, orchestration and blasts of brass. Black’s deep, soulful vocals remind me of other late 60s psych-crooners like Damon and Beauregarde and quite frankly lack the depth or nuance to keep me inspired. That said, this is still an album of its time with decent fuzz guitar licks and hip organ flourishes to be heard throughout. The standout track for fans of psych is the side two opener “Fool Amid The Traffic” featuring a hypnotic organ and drum backing to a healthy spread of wah-wahed and fuzzy guitar. This track would be a great addition to any psych compilation. For fans of the weird and experimental the non-song “The Emperor” offers sound effects, wordless female vocals and Terry Black’s spoken retelling of the emperor’s new clothes tale. 

don’t believe there was a Canadian pressing, this American issue covering both markets. There was, however, a 1969 German pressing on MCA (MAPS 1884) with different cover art. The Museum of Canadian Music website values originals at $45.00, though I consider this to be high. Indeed, friends in England have told me that over the last decade or so An Eye For An Ear has been a common charity shop find at a few quid (this may refer to the German press). ….. 

Studio project «An Eye For An Ear» was recorded in Toronto and New York and published in 1969 on the label «Decca». Full artist name - Terence Black (or Terry Black). Born in Vancouver (British Columbia), this guy gave up his first hit as early as the age of fifteen, but then he sang rock and roll of US and British-style bits. In the charts of Canada hit six of his singles, and in 1966 he recorded «Black Plague» album, which became a cult in certain circles. In the studio he helped Richard Gael and Patrick Riccio II, who wrote all the material and the arrangements worked. Album 1969 is not included in the discography of Black. Some fans Black is clearly overestimated his talent. Records it is called genius, but about the track «Fool Amid The Traffic» say the best psychedelic thing of all time … By the way, the album cover hints at the political views of Black, who was a member of Canada’s Fabian Society. In recent years, the life of Terry Black suffered from multiple sclerosis and died June 28, 2009. ……. 

1. An Eye for An Ear (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 3:39 
2. Rap (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 3:17 
3. Second City Song (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 2:52 
4. Power (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 3:45 
5. Exiles(Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 2:22 
6. Fool Amid the Traffic (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 4:23 
7. Priscilla (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 2:21 
8. Lighting Frederick’s Fire (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 4:29 
9. The Emperor (Richard Gael, Eric Robertson) - 4:27 
10. Does It Feel Better Now (Richard Gael, Patrick Riccio II) - 2:41

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