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25 Aug 2016

The New Creation “Troubled” 1970 Canadian Gospel,Christian Psych Rock

The New Creation “Troubled” 1970 mega rare Canadian Gospel,Christian Psych Rock 


Each one of us gave all we had, we believed in what we were doing. Finally, tired and spent with nothing more to add or fix, it seemed to me its success or failure was completely out of our hands. We said our goodbyes and thanks to the sound man, who really had been very patient with us, and walked out into the morning air. The sun was shining and we talked about breakfast. I believe we felt we had really done something. 

– Janet Tiessen, drummer for the New Creation 


We are thrilled to present the first vinyl reissue of The New Creation’s Troubled. Originally pressed in 1970, this extraordinary garage demo barely made it outside of its hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. We hope this vinyl edition will reach folks who were allergic to checking it out in CD form. For the LP, 500 exact repro copies were pressed at RTI with heavy, textured jackets produced by Stoughton. Just like the original these were printed by letterpress, this time around at Dependable Letterpress here in San Francisco. Each copy includes a copy of the original insert as well. The CD version has a different cover and contains a 20 page booklet. ……. 

“Welcome to the first commercial release of Troubled, the sole output from Vancouver, British Columbia’s all-but-forgotten Jesus rock trio, the New Creation. Originally pressed in 1970 in the vinyl LP format in a limited run, this album never quite made it out of its hometown borders. It would be another two or three decades before anyone outside of the group’s small circle would hear it at all. The obscurity of this album is impossible to overstate. Only 100 vinyl copies were ever produced and none were available commercially. The New Creation were partly inspired by the music of the Jesus People movement, a Christian adaptation of the ‘60s movement, which shared the same Haight-Ashbury district birthplace. Jesus People patterned their language, fashion, and music after their hippie neighbors in an attempt to update their expression of faith. This street level movement gained mainstream media exposure around 1970 and within a year cover stories ran in Newsweek, Life, and U.S. News and World Report. Musicians in this scene plotted their own course in an attempt to counteract what they saw as the destructive themes in much of mainstream rock music. Acts born out of this grassroots movement would inspire believers worldwide to cut their own record – contract or no contract.” “A showcase of raw, inventive musicality. Categorically, it’s – I dunno – Sixties Garage Godcore? Yet it transcends being a mere period piece. The songwriting is deliriously brilliant, the lyrical perspective haunting. The band’s sincerity is unquestionable, even if its meters are unfathomable.” – Irwin Chusid …….. 

“Must be heard to be believed” is a cliché that’s attached to too many records that turn out not to be as strange or entertaining as their reputations might lead you to think. Troubled really is something that has to be heard to be believed, though, in its combination of fervent Christian lyrics and sloppy, untutored garage-folk-psychedelic rock. Never was it stranger than in the opening “Countdown to Revolution!,” where gunfire and bomb explosions back heavily reverbed random soundbites of worship and very 1970s-era despair and hip lingo. In a way, everything’s a comedown after that, but the very basic guitar-drum-miscellaneous percussion arrangements of the other tunes are eerie enough in their own right. Lay some wholly unself-conscious, awkwardly metered lyrics about the power of God to transform and heal over that, and you have the kind of stuff barely heard in any music, Christian, rock, or otherwise. The instruments and voices are about as out of time as anything committed to vinyl, and the naïve punk artlessness of the performers almost makes it sound as if they’re unwittingly satirizing themselves. For this isn’t quite feel-good stuff; dirge-like melodies abound, and ballads like “Wind” and “All Is Well” (where all is not well, and the despairing singer wishes he could call the Lord on his telephone) make salvation sound as ominous as a trip to the devil’s waiting room. As for even the lighter tunes, it must be said that few songs hailing Jesus have done so in language hailing his bucking the status quo, in almost those exact words (“The Status Quo Song”), and that there may be no other calypso-rock inspirational Christian tune told as a first-person narrative of a woman busted on a narcotics charge (“Yet Still Time”). The CD reissue makes the experience complete with thorough liner notes detailing the group’s history, as well as their rediscovery at the hands of dedicated collectors…by allmusic…….. 

The Devil, it is said, has all the best tunes. Right? 

Wrong! Forget about the Singing Nun and Cliff Richard, the fightback against the Devil’s Grip on the ears of the youth began as long ago as 1970, in the backwoods of Canada. Well, Vancouver, really, but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good tale. 

Concerned, probably, with the rise of Satanic rock, in the form of Black Sabbath,The Guess Who and Engelbert Humperdink, three young Christians decided to make a record, one that 
would, once and for all, prove the superiority of the Christian faith. They convened in a local studio, ready to blast away the evil that had swamped the music business. Here they laid down 12 songs, songs of faith, hope and charity and what songs they were too! 

Forget your preconceived ideas as to what Christian rock should sound like, this record is one ugly mother of God. Starting with 7 minutes of sound effects and “laying out of stall” in “Countdown to Revolution”. Very much of it’s time. War sounds, despair, drugs, what will save the world? Why a revolution, of course, you say you want one? Well, according to the New Creation, the revolution you seek is that of the Lord. Praise be! 

This first number very much “lays it on the line, man”. From then on in we are treated to the wildest Christian trip you will ever take. Imagine, if you will a group stuck firmly between the Velvet Underground and the Shaggs. Twanging guitars, ultra primitive drumming and singing so off target that it’s pratically gone full circle. 

Every track is a winner. Check out Sodom and Gomorrah or The Status Quo song (not THAT 
Status Quo). This is prime Canadian beef and, as a bonus, it intends to save your soul too. Perhaps the finest moment is Yet Still Time, in many ways their “Sister Ray”, a tale of descent into a drug fuelled hell of a life and back out again. A plea for compassion, with the most primal of backings. Heavily strummed guitars and rythmic bean bag shaking. 

They had time, do you? 

The near impossible to find original L.P was discovered by respected Vancouver record dealer Ty Scammel. Talked about in hushed tones by those in the know. This was THE Holy Grail of Christian related outsider rock. The rest of us mere mortals had to wait for the CD reissue. 

Trust me, if you love the Shaggs, then you need this record. The band, Lorna and Chris Towers and Janet Tiessen, managed, with the help of the sound guy, to make THE ultimate Christian rock record. 

The Pube …by.. 

A1 Countdown To Revolution ! 
A2 Songs To Sing
A3 Sodom And Gomorrah
A4 Wind
A5 The Status Quo Song
A6 No Excuse
B1 New Creation
B2 Dig ! (The Origin Of Man)
B3 Eternity Ahead
B4 Yet Still Time
B5 All Is Well
B6 Where Are You Going ? 

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