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10 Aug 2016

Tsee Mud “Tsee Mud, Bacro, LSD” 1968- 1971 Venezouela Psych Acid rock

Tsee Mud “Tsee Mud, Bacro, LSD” 1968- 1971 Venezouela Psych Acid rock


It may be possible that, until this release, the 3 names do not sound familiar to lovers of “South American underground music”, but for any fan of good Venezuelan Hard Psych Rock of the 60´s-70´s, ‘Bacro’ 'Tsee Mud’ and 'Lsd’ are really special bands and well known. Beside the other great album from Venezuela 'Ladies WC’ this release is as good and as important. The band has only release a couple of singles and played a lot of great live concerts. Those bands from José Romero on guitar changed names from LSD to TSEE MUD and to BACRO. In-between those bands José lived in USA and was part of the band 'The Del-Vikings’ which included a concert at the Madison Square Garden. José went back to Venezuela and continued playing with his band Barcro. All those tracks presented on this album here are extra strong and heavy psychedelic with amazing fuzz guitar and vocals and lots of acid moves. A really wild album all the way. You can hear: José Romero - guitar, Luis Emilio Mauri - bass, Raúl Rivas – drums, Jesus Toro - vocals (who played with Love Depression too)……

Group formed in Caracas in 1970 by José “Joseíto” Romero (guitar), Jesus “Torito” Toro (voice), Ender Parra (bass) and Gustavo Streets (drums). His musical style was oriented toward hard rock, showing strong influence of bands like Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad. The band has a high recognition and participates in various festivals organized during the early seventies and the strength of their sound captures many followers. Through the seal Top Hits released the 45 rpm with Loving God and topics this World. This place and naturally What is the matter with you Janne and his recorded legacy is reduced to four topics: the collection 2001 Youth (1971) Two songs of the band are included. The group split in 1971 and Jose Parra Romero with Ender enliven another cult band in Venezuela: Bacro. For 2012, the German label Shadoks edits the LP, limited edition Mud Tsee … which includes songs from the combined group with two other major bands where militated José Romero: Bacro and LSD……

A1. LSD - When I Was A Boy 2:45
A2. Tsee Mud - Amandote Esta Dios 5:07
A3. Tsee Mud - Waht’s The Matter With You Jane 3:07
A4. Bacro - I Am A Happy Man 4:48
A5. Bacro - If You Want To Be Aliue 5:06
B1. LSD - One Day To The Week 3:27
B2. Bacro - Down With The War 4:17
B3. Tsee Mud - This Natural Place 4:30
B4. Tsee Mud - Mundo 2:46
B5. Bacro - Odelin 4:08
B6. Tsee Mud - Show Me 3:47

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