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12 Aug 2016

V.A "Samantha Promotions Vol I + Vol II” UK Psychedelic Rock

V.A  "Samantha Promotions Vol I + II” UK Private  Psychedelic Rock   Promo, 99copy each.


The 'Samantha Promotions' albums are the rarest compilations of UK Psych-related (specifically progressive-psychedelic material) known to man. Only a handful are known to survive and copies change hands for 4-figure sums. Most people will never get a chance to own or even see an original.

Various. "Samantha Promotions Vol 1" UK Mega Rare Album 1969- 70 only 100 Copies pressed. 

Little information on this horrendously rare (only 100 copies pressed) compilation has surfaced. But note: it is a compilation by industry definition only (a collection of otherwise unrelated tracks not originally intended to be released together on LP), not RYM standards (a collection of previously released material by the same or various artists). Apparently, this was issued by an outfit known as Samantha Productions, which may have been a recording studio or some other similar entity. The album is either a promo or some other type of demo presentation, perhaps to showcase these completely unknown, or at least unsigned acts. The original release came with two different covers, one an orange version (the one currently posted for the original release here on the site) and the other a purple one, both equally rare. Musically, these tracks would all be considered progressive, though that is probably all most of them have in common. Some are hard rock, some blues, and still others folk. All lack a certain degree of professional production, indicating a relatively low budget for this release. It also would imply that the acts contained on this have garage roots. In any event, most progressive genre fans would want to hear this, in order to determine its worth or lack thereof for themselves..

Vol 1

Side 1
1. The Vybes - Can't Hold On Much Longer
2. Juganaut - A Taste Of Hell
3. Cloud Burst - Fragile
4. Odd Fox (strangely changed to Weird Stoat on re-issue) - Rising Heartbreaks
5. Honeysuckle - She Brings Me Down

Side 2
1. Arandoras Life - A Million Steel Fingers
2. Site Fade - People Running Around
3. The Ox - In The Night
4. The Flesh - Mind Flight
5. Damascas - Mighty Mushroom
6. New Delight - Don't Run To Me

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