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21 Sep 2016

Aerial "In The Middle Of The Night" 1978 Canada Prog Symphonic Pop Rock

Aerial  "In The Middle Of The Night" 1978 Canada Prog Pop Rock 
In the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan lived a well-known Canadian musician and composer Brian Meissner.Nachinaya since 1969, he played in local bands The Blue Plaque and Applebys, and then formed his band Sugar & Spice, who played psychedelic rock. 

Brian’s Song performed many Canadian group-Cruel War, Strawberry Wine and Sweet Talkin'n Woman.Posle how Sugar & Spice recorded several singles, Brian Meissner decided to dissolve eё.V 1972, taking drummer Laurie Currie, he moved to Toronto.Zdes they We gathered first in North America tribute band The Beatles, and called it Liverpool. 

In 1973 they were invited to perform in the Whiskey a Go-Go in Los Angeles, on Beatlefest'75, in New York City, Broadway show “Beatlemania!” in New York.Posle how to Taurus Records they were released several singles, they began to tour in Canada and SSHA.V the tour they had a chance to perform on stage with The Outlaws, Charlie Daniels, Hall & Oates, Steve Martin, Roy Clark, The New York Dolls, Captain Beefheart, Monty Python, Stories, Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show, Rush, Max Webster, The Eagles, Donnie Hathaway, Roberta Flack, Buddy Rich and Heart.V 1976 Liverpool were disbanded, or rather renamed Aerial.Im managed to sign a contract with Sapitol Records.Zdes finally ripe for the creation of two full-length albums-in The Middle of The Night 1978 and 1980 Maneuvers god.Oba release were written in the style of progressive pop rock.V 1981 Aerial ceased suschestvovanie.A Gary O'Connor composer gift was cut and his songs came in the arsenal of musicians like 38 Special, Molly Hatchet and Eddie Money.Brian Meissner stayed in Toronto and started a solo activity…. 

Aerial was a Canadian pop and rock band from Toronto, Ontario during the 1970s. Begun in 1975 as The Beatles tribute act Liverpool, with Brian Miessner on lead vocal and bass, Malcolm Buchanan on keyboards, Laurie Currie on vocals and drums, and Gary O’Conner (Gary O’) on guitar and lead vocals. The band changed their name in 1977 to Aerial and produced two albums before they broke up in 1981. 

Aerial were signed to Toronto-based record label Anthem Records, along with notable label-mates Rush. In 1978 the band released their debut album “In The Middle Of The Night”, finding high-profile released at the same time two singles,  “Easy Love”, which was an instant Top-40 hit in Canada, while, the song made #92 on the national RPM Magazine charts in 1978 and “If Only I Were Older”. 

In 1979 O’Connor replaced by Tim White, released their second “Maneuvers”, produced by “Ian Thomas”, releasing two more radio singles, “Moments Like This” and “Tears That You Cry”. 1981 was the definitive end of the band founded Gary O’Connor to signed to Capitol Records for his self-titled debut album, followed by a second album released on RCA. O’Connor become renowned as a songwriter for bands like 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and Eddie Money among others. 

Brian Meissner (bass, guitar) 
Laurie Currie (drums, vocals) 
Gary O'Connor (vocals, guitar) 
Malcolm Buchanan (keyboards) 

001. Harmony (03:26) 
002. In The Middle Of The Night (05:09) 
003. Easy Love (03:15) 
004. All Right (03:09) 
005. If Only I Were Older (03:03) 
006. Indispensable Thomas Hensible (05:14) 
007. Race The Sun (03:52) 
008. You’ve Got Away (04:44) 
009. Gypsy Face (05:35) 
010. Moments Like This (03:43) 

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