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8 Sep 2016

Angel'in Heavy Syrup ‎ “II” 1993 + Angel'in Heavy Syrup ‎” III” 1995 Japan Psych Rock Neo Psych

Angel'in Heavy Syrup ‎ “II” 1993 + Angel'in Heavy Syrup ‎” III” 1995 Japan Psych Rock Neo Psych

In 1989, Mineko ITAKURA (voices, bass) occasionally came across Mine NAKAO (guitar, voices) at a live house in Osaka, Japan, where HANADENSHA played a gig with the collaboration of a Japanese independent label Alchemy Records and the chairman Jojo Hiroshige. Both of these two promising female players warmed up to each other toward their original psychedelic rock world and in the following year, with a much help from Jojo, the psychedelia descended to earth, as a all-female rock trio ensemble ANGEL'IN HEAVY SYRUP.

Basically Jojo and Alchemy Records made it a principle to lead the Japanese noise music scene but ANGEL'IN HEAVY SYRUP did carry on their gracefully meditative psychedelic progressive rock style influenced not by inorganic noise music but by gorgeous appearance of Krautrock and Psychedelic progressive rock in 70s. The founding members - Mineko, Mine, and Yoko MANDRAKE (drums) - signed Jojo’s Alchemy Records and released their debut album ‘Angel'in Heavy Syrup’ (1991). This album could be approved not only in Japan but in US, and was released via a US label Subterranean Records the following year.

Yoko was replaced by Tomoko TAKAKURA (drums, percussion, flute) and the trio recruited a second guitarist Fusao TODA (guitar) for development of their loudly-fuzzy-guitar-based sound and style before recording their second album 'Angel'in Heavy Syrup II’ (1993). The new quartet got closely united, with improvised, mind-expanding, heavy guitar sounds and Mineko’s gracious voices, which could let them release their third album 'Angel'in Heavy Syrup III’ (1995). They could get more and more appreciated in US and co-star with GONG in their US tour.

However, such a wonderful world cannot last long naturally … just before 'Angel'in Heavy Syrup IV’ (1999) released, Tomoko left the outfit. Tough work for the fragile trio to settle a steady drummer into them and finally ANGEL'IN HEAVY SYRUP fell into indefinite hibernation after their best album 'The Best Of Angel'in Heavy Syrup’ (2002). Fusao currently plays with Maso Yamazaki as an progressive electronic outfit ACID EATER, the roots of which lay in CHRISTINE 23 ONNA. ……
Line-up / Musicians
- Mineko Itakura / voices, bass
- Mine Nakao / guitar, voices
- Fusao Toda / guitar
- Tomoko Takakura / drums, percussion, flute
Angel'in Heavy Syrup ‎ “II” 1993 
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Introduction I / Naked Sky High (7:58)
2. Crazy Blues (10:07)
3. Kitto Aeru Yo (9:07)
4. Introduction II (2:18)
5. I Got You Babe (3:35)
Angel'in Heavy Syrup ‎” III” 1995 
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Breath Of Life (11:09)
2. Flower And Dream (6:00)
3. Thirsty Land (7:18)
4. Bokudake Ga (3:38)
5. Water Mind (5:17)

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