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19 Sep 2016

Appendix “Space Trip” 1973 Swedish Jazz Rock Fusion.

Appendix “Space Trip” 1973 Swedish Jazz Rock Fusion.
Simply the best fusion you can imagine on one album. Notice the track called ‘Thetan’ – a reference to scientology, most likely because one of the members was one? It’s a bit unlikely since in the early seventies this was still part of the most secret inner rituals of scientology. Thanks to multiple exposes and the internet, everyone can now read the 'secrets of scientology’ involving thetans that were supposed to cause people to die of shock when they read them– more likely die of laughter… Here you can have a listen to Thetans: .. 

Bass – Ted Persson 
Drums – Flemming Jörgensen 
Piano, Electric Piano – Hans Blom 
Saxophone, Flute – Helge Albin 
Technician – Lennart Christiansson 
Trombone – Kalle Lindberg 
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Roy Wall 
Vocals – Lars-Håkan Olsson. 

A1 Space Trip 2:46 
A2 Autum Song 5:39 
A3 Little Patrik’s Song 8:49 
A4 Long Distance Call 3:09 
B1 Thetan 8:09 
B2 Almost Gone 6:51 
B3 Where Does It Lead 

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