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13 Sep 2016

Asiko “Take A Trip With Asiko” 1977 Nigeria Afro Funk

Asiko “Take A Trip With Asiko” 1977 ultra rare  Nigeria Afro Funk
killer afro funky album,a really masterpiece… 

CD reissue from the much in demand album ‘Take a trip with Asiko’, by this obscure nigerian group Asiko, originally out on Gorilla Records. Most of the tracks are quite percussive, with funky wah wah’s and a strong horn section, and in general, the sound is very much influenced by american funk (check for example ‘Love and peace’, instrumentally, almost an African version to James Brown’s ‘Hot Pants’). Huge tip! ….. 

An unnamed mid 70’s afro funk band from Nigeria who on their travels spent time in Miami en route to Germany, where they recorded and released 'Take A Trip With’. Blending their sound and experiences they offer something for any discerning jazz, soul, funk and afro collector. The albums got a great vocalist with tracks ranging from upbeat funky soul to tribal chanting. Seriously groovy! This Album is a must have, A hidden gem finally available for all to enjoy….. 

A1 Asiko
A2 Love & Peace
A3 Hot Black
A4 Mind
A5 Mother’s Love
B1 Okeron
B2 T.K - Love
B3 Relax
B4 Afro - We 

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