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18 Sep 2016

Baby Woodrose ”Freedom” 2016 Denmark Psych Garage,Stoner Rock

Baby Woodrose ”Freedom” 2016 Denmark Psych album..
GARAGE-STONER-ROCK. BABY WOODROSE is an iconic band on the Danish psych scene who released their debut album in 2001. Long before psychedelic music had a revival frontman Lorenzo Woodrose and his band came up with their own mix of psych, garage and stoner-rock which they have refined during the years. “freedom” is the 7th album by BABY WOODROSE. The title “freedom” reflects on the current state of our society and how it affects us all. All BABY WOODROSE albums have a different vibe and this time there has been an analogue approach to recording the nine songs. Vinyl includes a digital download card….. 

Lorenzo Woodrose and his henchmen men in Baby Woodrose is coming up with a new album and thus play a series of concerts in Denmark until October, when Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Vejle and Odense are visited. The new album is called ‘Freedom’ and will be released on September 16th on Bad Afro Records. 

Freedom is the 7th regular Baby Woodrose album and released more than four years after the previous album 'Third Eye Surgery’, which is an exceptionally long break in Baby Woodrose auspices. 'Freedom’ introduces the modern slave-song. 

Lorenzo Woodrose: “The idea for the plate textual universe is heavily inspired by the ancient track that ended up being the album’s title song. The song is so old that no one really knows who originally wrote it. It is known that both the so-called negro spirituals, gospel singing and modern r'n'b track under different titles, but in the rock context, probably most of Richie Havens legendary version of Woodstock in 1969. Our own version of course set up in a manic acid punk pace but the song made me want to write my own modern slave songs, so it’s a handful of them that are on the album. Ie songs orbiting the hamster wheel, brainwashing, mind control, monitoring and social prevailing techniques. ” 

'Freedom’ is distinguished by being 100% analog. As in the old days, the vinyl edition never been near a computer. 

Lorenzo Woodrose: “Musically it is very different from any Woodrose record I’ve ever made, since there are far fewer overdubs and much more rock band live-in-studio - like feeling. Additionally, the this time recorded, mixed and mastered 100% analog. I have always preferred to use the tapes in different parts of the process, but this time we have not used the computer. ” 

01. Reality 05:27 
02. 21st Century Slave 03:32 
03. Open Doors 03:07 
04. Mind Control Machine 04:52 
05. Peace 02:26 
06. Freedom 03:07 
07. Red the Sign Post 02:57 
08. Mantra 03:16 
09. Termination 08:27

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