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18 Sep 2016

Boris And His Bolshie Balalaika “Psychic Revolution” 1994 UK Psych Acid Rock

Boris And His Bolshie Balalaika  “Psychic Revolution” 1994 UK Psych Acid Rock   Delerium Records.
“Pagan psychedelic protest songs from behind the iron curtain, plus a balalaika tribute to Boris’ guitar hero Jimi Hendrix.” (Delerium Records)
“Son of a Russian diplomat, he had his mind blown at a Jimi Hendrix gig in Sweden in 1967, was involved in the psychedelic surrealist protest movement in Hungary in 1968, spent many years in a Russian labour camp, and played at the legendary Stonehenge Festivals with Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles. Boris is a legend and on his first ever album he blends 26 years of way out experiences into a cohesive dayglo pagan acid rock extravaganza. A fully electric album, featuring the full length version of the all time classic Magic Mushroom anthem "Toadstool Soup” together with two highly individual cover version’s of Hendrix classics (“Purple Haze” and “Voodoo Child”) this is the statement of a counter culture folk hero and a sure contender for the number one album spot this Christmas.“ (Delerium Records)

"Boris was born to the son of a Russian diplomat whose family defected to the west in the early sixties, while on a shopping trip in Sweden. He grew up in relative material comfort but saw Jimi Hendrix perform in Stockholm in 1967. The experience impressed young Boris deeply and from then on he became a kind of psychedelic crusader trying unite East and West … It took Boris a few years to create this album but the end result is really worth listening to: about 50 minutes of warped sounds, intelligent (humane, even) lyrics end enough tongue-in-cheek humour to turn this debut into a real winner.” (Crohinga Well)
1995-2005 - semi-retired due to trying to keep body and soul together 
2005-12 - Re-emerged with slimmed-down equipment (too old to lug flight cases up and down stairs) - playing gigs when I feel like it (and get an interesting offer). 
2007 - Ultra-limited edition EP - Ilkley Moor (trad & Vegimix) released 
Second album - Gaian Odyssey recording nearing completion - maybe another year or so… 
2011 - Delerium Records back catalogue bought out by Cherry Red/Esoteric records - Toadstool Soup re-released on compilation CD - Last Daze of the Underground. 
2012 - Psychic Revolution featured in August edition of Record Collector magazine. 

Plays solo electric balalaika with loud psychedelic effects, mismatch between what you see and hear. Stalwart of the 90s free festival scene. The ideal ‘in between’ act able to play at the front of the stage whilst equipment is being set up behind. 
Live show involves balalaika, vocals and pre-recorded backing via laptop or i-pod. Have own 500W PA system and UV lighting so can gig just about anywhere there is a mains supply. ….
DELECLP014 catalog, groove message “ turn on, tune in, take over! Up the revolution? ” On side A and written in Cyrillic characters engraved on the trail off than B. Published in 1994 by Delerium in Britain, the only album of this eccentric artist neopsichedelico English Wigan, aka Matthew Atha. Engraved in 1992 with the support of some members of the Poisoned Electrick Head, “ Psychic revolution ” and 'it played almost entirely by Boris only with a balalaika electrified and with the aid of electronic instruments, with which elaborates a kind of electro- psychedelic rock surrounded by stunned and dreamlike atmospheres and in eddies close to trance music, not without 'a touch of irony (it is unknown whether intended or not) that exudes a performance so’ patently bizarre; Boris passion for Jimi Hendrix is ​​manifested by two covers in their own way futuristic “ Purple Haze ” and “ Voodoo chile (slight return) ”, lost in the space of a few b-movie science fiction. Boris and 'also appeared on some compilations, including’ 'Fun with mushrooms’’ of Delerium, collecting that you just opened with his song, “ Toadstool soup ”, which discerns the text of such hallucinogenic mushrooms are edible and which But no………
A1 Toadstool Soup
A2 Onward Christian Soldiers 
A3 Purple Haze 
A4 Burning With The Fire 
A5 Blacklisted Blues 

B1 Vodoo Chile (Slight Return) Hendrix cover 
B2 Moonsong 
B3 Goin’ Nowhere 
B4 Psychic Revolution (Sunsong) 

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