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28 Sep 2016

Bull Angus ‎ “Free For All” 1972 US Hard Rock,Heavy Blues Rock

Bull Angus ‎ “Free For All” 1972 US Hard Rock,Heavy Blues Rock
While “Bull Angus” didn’t do a great deal commercially, it garnered generally favorable reviews from the critics, leading Mercury to finance a second album - 1972’s ‘Free For All’ produced by Vinny Testa including a cover version of The Beatles 'Savoy Truffle’, and supported the likes of Deep Purple and Fleetwood Mac. Their brand of post-psychedelic heavy blues successfully crossed between Southern rock jam and budding Prog.
Frankie Previte subsequently relocated back to New Jersey where he formed the much more smooth and AOR dealing Franke And The Knockouts, dropping the 'i’ in Frankie in the process. He also co-wrote music for the hit soundtrack to the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” with co-composers John DeNicola and Donald Markowitz. ……
Poughkeepsie’s Bull Angus were one of those bands that should have been huge. With Franke Previte handling the vocals with extraordinary ease and a style that blended Zeppelin, Deep Purple and southern rock, the band released two exceptional albums for Mercury before folding and disappearing. Not much is known about the whereabouts of the former members, but Previte went on to front Franke & the Knockouts before writing the grammy award winning, “The Time of My Life” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Bull Angus’ debut was reissued a few years ago by Skyf Zol Records, but this gem has yet to see the digital treatment. Feast your ears upon this hard rock classic and marvel at one of the 70’s lost talents. …..
Recorded in the same studio with the same producer of the disc «Free For All» is still different from the debut. Firstly, the original material pressed the wrong things - «City Boy» Steven Stillza and «Savoy Truffle» George Harrison. Second, the band’s sound was not too heavy and more poppy. Like the last time «Mercury» has published only one promo single ( «Children Of Our Dreams / Loving Till End») and, finding on his mission accomplished, let «Bull Angus» on all four sides. The group immediately broke up, but Frankie Previte name twice floated in the history of show business in the early '80s Frankie organized the AOR-project «Franke & The Knockouts», and in 1987 wrote for the movie “Dirty Dancing” hit “( I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life »……
Known primarily to late 60s/early 70s vinyl fanatics, BULL ANGUS (a name inspired by the bull farms near a barn they’d rented for rehearsals) was a psychedelic blues band with significant prog leanings. Best evidence has them forming sometime in the late 1960s in Poughkeepsie, New York, by guitarists Larry LaFALCE and Dino PAOLILLO. The duo was soon joined by Geno CHARLES(drums), Frankie PREVITE(vocals,recorder,percussion), Ron PICCOLO(keyboards) and Lenny VENDITTI(bass). LaFalce and Venditti were formerly with NY bands The PYRAMID, Previte had been with The OXFORD WATCHBAND, and Piccolo a member of The REVELLS. With Vinny Testa producing, the group released a self-titled debut in 1971 on Mercury Records but poor marketing and sales meant that the band only issued one more album, 1972’s 'Free For All’, before BULL ANGUS split up (although PREVITE will forever be a footnote in pop history for penning "The Time of My Life” for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack!).

It is odd that BA didn’t make a larger impact at the time; their brand of post-psychedelic heavy blues successfully crossed between jam-happy Southern rock and budding Prog. The material was often compared to heavyweights like URIAH HEEP and ATOMIC ROOSTER as well as homegrown GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, but the band’s dexterity and large roster meant they could occasionally leave hardrock behind and dabble in early Crimson-style folk. Despite all this, Bull Angus never earned a cult following and has remained underappreciated to this day. …by progarchives…..
Frankie Previte — vocals, recorder, percussion
Dino Paolillo — guitar, vocals
Larry LaFalce — guitar, vocals
Lenny Venditti — bass
Ron Piccolo — organ, piano, vocals
Geno Charles — drums, percussion 
01. Lone Stranger — 7:01
02. City Boy — 6:50
03. Loving Till End — 5:41
04. Savoy Truffle — 3:23
05. Drivin’ Me Wild — 4:48
06. (We’re The) Children Of Our Dreams — 5:34
07. Train Woman Lee — 5:46 

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