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15 Sep 2016

Chillum "Chillum" 1971 UK Heavy Prog

Chillum  "Chillum"  1971 UK Heavy Prog
Featuring enough aimless psychedelic jamming to fill several albums twice over, this self-titled release from early-seventies rockers Chillum manages to delight and frustrate in equal measure. Originally called Second Hand, but reverting to the name Chillum after the relative failure of their 1971 ‘Second Hand’ album, this ambitious and eclectic four-piece seemed to suffer from a complete inability to settle down into one dominant style or genre. 'Chillum’ features some bravura moments of musicianship, but it’s an uneven, at times rather crude mess of an album, featuring a plethora of different moods and textures that juxtapose badly. From the percussion-heavy assault of 'Land Of A Thousand Dreams’ to the epic, freaked-out noodling of the 21-minute long 'Brain Strain’, the album is a sonic shanty-town of conflicting ideas that fails to create a coherent whole. One suspects that maybe the band were under the influence of certain, mind-enhancing substances, which is no bad thing, but just like listening to someone drone on about their drug experiences 'Chillum’ proves to be a rather dull listen. STEFAN TURNER, LONDON, 2010.. 

This is in fact the third recording by Second Hand, one of the UK’s most admired underground bands. Recorded while they were auditioning for a guitarist, it has a loose, improvisational freak-out feel, albeit with plenty of their trademark intensity. Originally issued in a tiny run in December 1971, it’s presented here in its definitive form, remastered from original tapes, with a packed booklet offering rare photographs, detailed liner notes and an introduction from its producer, the legendary Vic Keary. 
‘This is often described as the third Second Hand album… It’s reminiscent of early Soft Machine, with odd time signatures and dissonant organ tones’ – Galactic Ramble 
‘Like Death May Be Your Santa Claus, this equally bizarre album is a totally stoned psychedelic freak-out’ 

Ken Elliott (keyboards, Mellotron, organ, vocals) 
Kieran O'Connor (drums) 
Tony McGill (guitars) 
George Hart (bass) 

01. Introduction By Brain Surgeons From R.F. Hospitial — 0:16 
02. Brain Strain — 21:42 
03. Land Of A Thousand Dreams — 1:19 
04. Too Many Bananas — 4:11 
05. Yes! We Have No Pajamas — 10:33 
06. Promenade Des Anglais — 2:04 
07. Fairy Tale — 8:07 
08. Celebration — 6:08 
09. This Is Not Romance — 5:13 
10. Incubator Tk.1 — 2:45 
11. Incubator Tk.2 — 4:00

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