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6 Sep 2016

Crossfire "Crossfire" 1975 Australia Jazz Fusion

Crossfire  "Crossfire" 1975 Australia Jazz Fusion

The self titled, debut album by the Australian jazz-funk group “Crossfire” was released on the Harvest Record Label in 1975. If your digging for albums by the group then this is the one to look out for. Its their best album and the hardest one to track down (It does turn up but not often these days) . The majority of the album’s style is instrumental jazz / fusion that gets pretty funky at times. 

On Side One there is a nice blend of funky uptempo Jazz / Fusion. The three best tracks (in my opinion) are on this side. These are “Nobody Nose” a funky Weather Report inspired cut, “Freddy Funkbump” and “Perverted Pavanne”. 

Side two gets into slower territory, the tempo and the drums take the back seat and the group get a cool, laid back groove going on. There are more solo’s (guitar, keyboard and reeds) and the drums are reduced to cymbals and light jazz style drumming. I really dig this side. It has more moody feel and it gives each member time to flex their individual style and the groups unique sound …….. 
The cover may have you expecting some prog-psych-rock nightmare, but this is actually a rare piece of Australian 70s jazz. 

Crossfire were my introduction to electric jazz - my brother (15) and myself (13) were both keen guitarists, introduced to the funk via the radio and some Reneé Geyer shows, then this local band Crossfire appeared in 1975, with some funk guitar riffs, rhodes and various woodwinds and brass, often with several instruments played through wah-wah pedals. Whenever I hear this now, I can hear my brother practising the guitar riffs … 

Listening to it again now, more than thirty years later, I think I can hear what they might have been listening to - maybe some early pre-guitar wank Return to Forever, some wah-wah Eddie Henderson, the occasional MPS? 

Crossfire made seven albums, and often backed international jazz visitors like Randy Brecker and Ben Sidran. They backed jazz-pop singer Michael Franks on a 1980 live album which is … ermm … not recommended by me, but there’s a link for Franks fans anyway. 

This 1975 album is their first and best album 
A1 Remember The Trees
A2 Nobody Nose
A3 Freddy Funkbump
A4 Perverted Pavanne
B1 Inside Out
B2 Nada
B3 Stygian Night
B4 You Gotta Make It 

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