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9 Sep 2016

Eighties Ladies “Ladies Of The Eighties” 1980 US Funk Soul Boogie/Disco

Eighties Ladies “Ladies Of The Eighties” 1980 US  Funk Soul   excellent Boogie/Disco produced by Roy Ayers 
This amazing one-off album produced by Roy Ayers featured the group Eighties Ladies made up of the singing talents of Susan Beaubian, Marva Hicks, Vivian Prince, Denie Corbett & Sylvia Striplin backed by an all-start line-up Roy Ayers band (including Rick James who shares the production).

The anthemic ‘Turned on To You” and “Ladies of the Eighties” are both included in this absolutely classic boogie-funk-jazz-soul album from the start of the 80s.
Roy Ayers is known for his smooth, soulful, melodic vibraphone when it comes to his 70s era of Roy Ayers Ubiquity, but when he began Uno Melodic Records towards the tail end of his Ubiquity years (around 1978), he began to morph his sound into an upbeat, disco funk groove, filled with slap bass and horn riffs along with Roy’s signature synths and chord changes. Most of Roy Ayers’ Uno Melodic releases were of the disco funk variety, and they also consisted of artists that he produced.

The Eighties Ladies were a group comprised of Susan Beaubia, Marva Hicks, Vivian Prince, Denie Corbett and Sylvia Striplin and was produced by Roy Ayers with the help of Rick James. Analogous to Rick James and the Mary Jane Girls, the Eighties Ladies adopted the disco funk sound of Roy Ayers while providing a feminine touch that Roy could obviously never do. Although their album entitled Ladies of the 80’s was their sole release and the members of the group didn’t celebrate extraordinary mainstream success, their album has maintained a cult following amongst DJs, producers, and record collectors all over the world. Ironically, the dated name of the group and the boogie based sound has is a strong indicator to Roy Ayers sound and talent as a producer.

On their first — and last — album, Ladies of the ’80s, the disco/soul group Eighties Ladies displays the style and vocal prowess that also served its members well in other parts of their career: Marva Hickswent on to a solo career of some note, and Sylvia Striplin also performed with Aquarian Dream. Most significantly, perhaps, the album was written and produced by Roy Ayers, whose smooth but slightly edgy style elevates the project into something more interesting than just a would-be supergroup. Ladies of the ’80s rings in the new decade with a set of funky disco and urban songs, including the title track, which is a feminist rallying cry along the lines of Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family,” and groove-based tracks like “It’s Easy to Move” and “I Knew That Love“.

Ayers’ arrangements and productions really stand out on the instrumental version of “Ladies of the Eighties” and “Turned on to You,” which mixes lightly strummed guitars, brass, Latin-tinged percussion, and the Ladies’ voices into a soft, sleekly sexy album-closer.

Ayers fans as well as aficionados of late-’70s/early-’80s funk and disco will find a lot to like about this stylish, if slightly obscure, release. 
A1 Ladies of the Eighties 4:56
A2 Tell Him 7:07
A3 He Is Mine Forever 4:26
A4 Ladies of the Eighties (Instrumental) 3:03
B1 I Knew That Love 5:01
B2 It’s Easy To Move 4:36
B3 Sing Me 4:24
B4 Turned on to You 5:31

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