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17 Sep 2016

Fayden “Peace Ballads” 1971 German Acid Folk

Fayden “Peace Ballads” 1971 German Acid Folk
German acid folk with delicate male vocals sing in English. Nice arrangements. Great LP with long track on B side. 

Thank you for enjoying my record l.p., I made this in 1970 while touring second billing with Steamhammer in the cities of Germany. 
I wrote all the songs, and played the guitar work as well. 
It is a wonderful surprise to see that people still enjoy it! 
Best regards 

Track List 

01.Ain’t No Use My Mind 
02.The Old Man 
04.Little Soldiers 
05.Jessy T. Brown 
06.Foolish Games 
08.Don’t Look Down Medley 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..