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11 Sep 2016

Free Son “Banguele” 1972 ultra rare Brazil Psych Funk Breaks Latin

Free Son  “Banguele” 1972 ultra rare Brazil Psych Funk Breaks Latin
full only on vk….
Brazilian pearl formed in the early ‘70s in Rio de Janeiro. The group Free-Son was composed 8 musicians researchers of Brazilian musical origins, released in 1971 its only and rare LP for Solar Fidelity, still not reissued and high value among collectors. 
The album Banguelê (name given to a rhythm and dance of African slaves) consists of 12 short tracks that, as written in the booklet “seek a new musical message essentially ours, with common language to all people and that was "hotter” that the rhythms of the time.“ Many styles are present, mixing Latin, African rhythms, samba rock and others as funk, psychedelic rock and jazz. It is almost all instrumental, well arranged with killer wah wah guitar, organ and percussion (cuíca, tumbadora) work. The vocal part is limited only to some screams. No highlighting songs, because it is a solid record. Highly recommended to Brazilian music fans, funk and rock / Latin jazz….by Perolas do Rock…. 

Bass Guitar – Hélio Rocha Filho (O Helius) 
Congas – Adolsino José Vieira (O Sino) 
Cuica – Wanderlei Barbosa (O Wadeco) 
Drums – Jorge Carlos B. F. Santos (O Boni) 
Guitar [2nd Guitar] – Ademir Guimarães de Brito (O Bender) 
Guitar [Harmony Guitar] – Elson Hugo Gonzaga (O Hugo) 
Guitar [Solo] – Ruy Antônio Carvalho (O Doctor) 
Organ – Edilson de Araújo Nascimento (O Edil) 
Vocals [Crooner] – Nelson Batista Bezerra (O Nel) 

01 Bahobab 2:51 
02 Three For One 2:24 
03 Mar Da Tranquilidade 3:48 
04 Daruiz 2:30 
05 Africana 2:25 
06 Realeza Asteca 2:15 
07 Songa Monga 2:38 
08 Grande Poder 2:47 
09 Batá-Cotô 2:45 
10 F.D.P. 2:55 
11 Zoombie 2:57 
12 Yaruba 2:50 

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