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5 Sep 2016

Glencoe “Glencoe” 1972 UK Prog Rock

Glencoe  “Glencoe” 1972  UK Prog Rock
Glencoe: an under-rated early 70s band 
Blogging on the Deep Purple gigs that I attended in the early 70s, has made me think a little about Glencoe, who supported Deep Purple on their 1972 UK tour. I remember Glencoe well and saw them a few times. They featured Norman Watt Roy on bass and John Turnbull ( from Newcastle ) on guitar, who had been in Bell and Arc. Both of them went on to be part of Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Norman is now bass player for Wilko Johnson. One particular gig comes to mind. I went along to see Stray and Glencoe at the Mayfair, with a friend who was heavily into Stray. It was a midnight to 4am gig; it may have been Easter Sunday or something like that. We got the last train through to Newcastle and arrived at the Mayfair. The queue was massive, and I remember being worried that we might not get in, and would be left stranded in Newcastle all night. We did get in and the place was packed to the walls. Glencoe played, and then they announced over the PA that Stray weren’t coming and would be replaced by a local band. My memory is hazy here. I have vague memories of both Lucas Tyson and Brass Alley playing. I think Lucas Tyson may have been on first, before Glencoe, and then Brass Alley replaced Stray (or was it the John Miles Set? Who nows….). We were also told over the PA that in compensation we could come along and see Edgar Broughton free of charge the following Friday. We didn’t think that was very fair, as we had come especially to see Stray, so we went along and spoke to a bouncer. I said I wanted to see the manager to ask for our money back. The bouncers weren’t the most understanding of guys in those days. He slapped me across the face, and told me to b***** off or he would throw us out. We decided it would be wiser to accept his advice. We stayed in the Mayfair until the gig finished at 4am. We then went to Bowers all night cafe which was opposite the station, had a cup of coffee and stayed there until the first train back to Sunderland, which was around 6am. Happy Days….Glencoe were a good band, who were a mix of funk and rock. Norman Watt Roy was the stand out as bass player, and John Turnbull was also great on guitar. I had their album at one point, and still have a single of theirs, called Friends of Mine. I also remember a song called Airport, which was a highlight of their live set at the time. ….by…. Vintagerock’s Weblog …. 

Formed 1972 with, at the time, Mick Travis on guitar and Norman Watt-Roy From Greatest Show On Earth. 
To begin with, played mainly folk flavoured rock due to Travis writing and guitar work. As stable mates of Wishbone Ash, joined them and Deep Purple as support on British tour 1972. 
John Turnbull, ex Bell and arc and session musician, joined after tour and proved to be spark band needed. 
Self-tilted GLENCOE (Epic 1972) was encouraging and now is classic album but it was with THE SPIRIT OF (Epic 1973) that they found direction, impressive album that is best played load. Hardly heavy Metal but cuts like it. Excellent AOR and still be served as a tasty album today. …. 

Bass, Vocals – Norman Watt-Roy 
Guitar, Vocals – John Turnbull 
Percussion – Stewart Francis* 
Vocals, Keyboards – Graham Maitland 

A1 Airport
A2 Look Me In The Eye
A3 Lifeline
A4 Telephonia
B1 It’s
B2 Book Me For The Flight
B3 Hay Fever
B4 Questions
B5 Sinking Down A Well

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