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4 Sep 2016

Gravestone “Doomsday”1979 German Private Prog Rock Kraut Rock

Gravestone “Doomsday”1979 German Private Prog Rock Kraut Rock 


Gravestone play somewhat somber Progressive Rock of a rough nature. This is a re-release of their 1979 album on the Garden of Delights label. The music is at times jazzy and bouncy, and there are hints of blues throughout, and thankfully the majority of the tracks are instrumental. This is because the vocals are not to my liking sound wise, a bit off as it were. Lyrically though, the message that they are trying to get across is agreeable, they are just not that pleasant to listen too. “Our world is good, our world is right. Please don’t try to change it, for then you have to die. Everybody tries to be a big king; money is the only counting thing. There is no time to pray, and no fear of Doomsday.” There is a lot of improvisational blues styled stuff going on here. The guitars are the main lead instruments, although there is an organ tickling the background, the guitars are full front, screaming in true psychedelic fashion on the latter tracks of this eight track album. As far as whom they sound like, I can hear bits of Barrett era Pink Floyd, in the freak out blues jam sessions, and I can also hear Quintessence in the same freak-outs. Also there is a hint of Igra Stacklini Perli in there as well, and thankfully the majority of the album is in this style, yet the songs with lyrics tend to be a bit more mellower than the chaos of the improvisation …… From Aural Innovations October 2009 update …… 

GRAVE STONE from Illertissen in Swabia, located south of the Swabian Alp, played progressive rock of the slightly harder nature. Guitarist Wolfgang Rittner had received end of 1974 his first guitar and taught himself everything myself with. Rhythm guitarist Rudi Dorner and drummer Mike Schmidt had established in 1975 a group called the radiator. Then when this came bassist and vocalist Berti Majdan, from Oregon was. Only the end of 1976 and the spring of 1977 with the entry 
by Wolfgang Rittner - the four knew each other from school - and later keyboardist Andy Müller they called around in Gravestone. 
Now it got started: 
The next three years they practiced almost every day and had plenty of appearances in Illertissen and Ulm. Wolfgang Rittner:. “We were experimenting on and looking for, supporting and rocking sound structures, according spacy sound, so that the songs were mostly extended very long at rehearsals and concerts and the topics often planned new and improvised sounded the live sound was then also distanzlos, raw to wild and open to impressions and spontaneous ways. ” 
Demand for tape recordings of concerts or from the exercise room was very large. Eventually learned Rudi Dorner in a snack-bar by chance the engineer Hartmut Ruminski know who had just begun to work in the new AVC-Studio of Karl-Heinz Zaha in Illertissen. During the conversation the idea came up there record a demo tape. After initial hesitation, the other group members agreed then schlieslich a but. In February 1979, it went off and they were the first ever who took pictures there. After two days they offered to Karl-Heinz Zaha, record a LP. She agreed immediately. The album was released in the same year as the “doomsday” in an edition of 1000, as far as one can still notice. All seven pieces submitted by Wolfgang Rittner, then the creative power of Gravestone. In “Corinne” show the five good ten minutes what they can. Except for “Doomsday” and “Stone Age” are all songs without vocals, but what they do not impair the contrary, without the restriction by solid rhymes, the musicians had, freely and without aufzuspielen opportunity….trnslate from …krautrock musikzirkus…….. 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Berti Majdan / Bass, lead vocals 
- Mike Schmidt / Drumsn percussions 
- Wolfgang Rittner / lead guitar 
- Rudi Dorner / rhythmic guitar 
- Andy Müller / organ, backing vocals 

1. Doomsday (5:39) 
2. Life In The Coffin (7:57) 
3. Hope (4:49) 
4. On The Run (4:05) 
5. Stone Age (4:28) 
6. Corinne (10:02) 
7. Summer ‘78 (3:08) 

8. Flying (7:28) 

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