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7 Sep 2016

Groundstar “Forced Landing” 1980 US Private Prog Rock psych space rock

Groundstar “Forced Landing” 1980 US Private Prog Rock  psych space rock

Dreamy semi-ballad with wonderful vocals by Sharon Jordan. Originally released in “Forced Landing” LP (Stellar, 1978). In the later vinyl reissue (1980), the track is listed as “Mountain”. A very decent hard rock/pomp album overall.. 

GROUNDSTAR certainly need no introduction here. Their almost legendary cult status has permeated music websites and mags, and perplexed music fans, for many years with their super rare and elusive original 1978/1980 (re-issue) “Forced Landing” vinyl record fetching untold prices worldwide. Described as progressive melodic space rock, there is no doubt these guys (and gal) were not your straight ahead west coast pomp rock band!! With plenty of eccentricities to keep their quirky brand of pomp very unique, they have been compared to the likes of Toronto, Jet, Lynx, The Bizz, Roadmaster, Reckless, Bluebeard and Boston. The long awaited release of Groundstar is finally here and with 10 previously unreleased bonus tracks, four of them from rare live recordings!! The bonus tracks predominantly feature the killer vocals of Sharon Jordan (she only sang one song on the original Forced Landing release) and its a real treat to hear her shine on these songs along with the multiple talents of this band! Force the landing of Groundstar into your collection today!! 

Mysterious outfit from Los Angeles who released their solitary album twice. The two versions of ‘Forced Landing’ are on the band’s own Stellar label and boast the same catalogue number but have different covers and drastically altered tracklistings. Even some of the song titles have been altered. 
The first pressing features a band photo on the back cover with playing credits although the second pressing has no information about the musicians involved whatsoever. The album would appear to be a conceptual affair akin to a Rock Opera, masterminded by producer Dirk Dalton. ….. 

The group hails from Fresno (CA). We played a very interesting grandiose Hard Rock AOR. Their debut album «Forced Landing» was released in 1978 on «Stellar Records» Records and was released exclusively on the money the musicians themselves. Songs groups are very melodic and beautiful, especially ballads. The shrill vocals ((male and female), hard guitar riffs, bombastic, often pulsating keyboards with regular patches of progressive tendencies - something like this can be broadly characterized their music was planned for the exit of the second album, but these plans did not materialize, so. as the band broke up. After the collapse of «Groundstar» Sharon Jordan with her husband Jerry Leal (ex- «Electric Eels») played «The Heritage» group and «Eves Burden»……. 

Sharon Jordan — female vocals, piano, clavinet 
Chris Smith — guitar 
Gilbert Jones — guitar 
Sam Arnold — bass 
Doug Watkins — vocals, keyboards 
Ron Holt — drums 


A1 It’s All The Same 3:10 
A2 Maiden And The Night 3:09 
A3 Dreamin’ 2:51 
A4 Mountain 5:00 
A5 Settle Down 2:49 
B1 Westwood Park 3:16 
B2 New World 4:16 
B3 Watcha Gonna Be 2:20 
B4 Aquawings 5:42 
B5 Party 3:35 

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