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28 Sep 2016

I Ragazzi del Sole "Il Suono del Sole" 1970 Italy Psych Beat

I Ragazzi del Sole  "Il Suono del Sole" 1970 Italy Psych Beat
Before we continue with the trilogy dedicated to Claudio Rocchi, we present the second album of Ragazzi del Sole, which sees only Danilo Pennone still present between the original components of the complex: There was in fact, as a result of certain disputes, a court case on ’ use of the name, won just from Flagstaff, which as we have seen in other posts had formed the group with the new elements.
The album is entirely instrumental (although SIAE seems that the texts are deposited …), with some vocalization here and there (eg “Black Label” and “Rally”).
The style is between psychedelic rock and progressive, and the songs could very well be part of a soundtrack of one of the many B-movies of the period.
As you can read in the liner notes, participate in recording two drummers, Valerio Liboni and Caesar Plantulli: in his autobiography “Crash! Stories and curiosities of Italy with music song, travel and love” Liboni explained that while they were recording the album was called up for military service on the Polish, and then gave way to Piantuilli in the group, and once discharged later founded, with other former members of the Sun Boys, a new complex, the Company Strana.
Between songs (all signed by Flagpole with Vic Nocera and Happy Ruggiero, except “Summertime”), in addition to those already mentioned, we can remember “Color Sound” and “Underground”, two rock songs, “With You”, more melodic and psychedelic “Neige”.
The disc is very rare and hard to find, so the few times you see it for sale typically has fairly high prices.
Danilo Pennone - Chitarra
Gianni Foresti - Basso
Valerio Liboni, Cesare Plantulli - Batteria
Piero Damosso - Voce
Enzo Lamarca - Piano, organo

1) Voom-Voom
2) Color sound
3) Black label
4) Underground
5) With you
6) Rally
7) Summertime (George Gershwin)
8) Neige
9) Psycology
10) Schun schun schun
11) …in life
12) Warm 

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