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5 Sep 2016

Isolation “Isolation” 1973 Private UK Prog Folk

Isolation “Isolation” 1973 Mega Rare Private UK Prog Folk 
Isolation are one of the most obscure UK folk acts. Released as a micro-private edition in 1973 (on the Riverside label), their unique album is a loner folk wonder, hinting sometimes at jazzy psych climates. The hazy melancholy of the music remind strongly of the first Nick Drake album and the finger-styled guitar, nods at Davey Graham. The whole album has a very cohesive feel and the simple sound reflects the limitations of instrumentation; the organic natural sound of acoustic instruments seems to fit the music perfectly and the subtle interplay between acoustic guitars with piano and flute come as a natural cross between a folkier version of UNICORN and the moody aspects of OBERON. A strong album of the 70ies underground folk scene and a monster rarity, selling more than 1,200 € these days.. 

Isolation’s sole, and obscure, album is respectable early-‘70s British folk-rock with touches of progressive rock. In that sense, as well as in the worn lead vocals, it’s a little reminiscent of another British folk-rock group with prog rock leanings of the time, the Strawbs. Isolation, however, have an even more world-weary cast than the Strawbs did, to the point where it evokes a grim, chilly December afternoon as the sun’s just fading into twilight. Adding to the prog rock elements are some flute and violin in addition to the usual guitar, as well as some extended instrumental passages; a 13-minute, multi-part song to open the album; and a “Theme” that recurs three times. It might be a minor entry in the British folk-rock field of its era, but it’s a worthwhile one, and better than the average such item that achieved little distribution.. .. 

*Richard Blondell - 12 String Guitar, Vocals 
*Dave Smith - Piano, Vocals 
*John Paul Davidson - Flute 
*Ian Robinson - Electric Guitar 
*Chris Pritchett - Violin 
*Tim Neild - Bass, Banjo 

1. Theme (I) - 6:20 
2. Poor Boy - 3:10 
3. Looks Like You’re Leavin’ - 3:51 
4. Reaching Out - 4:40 
5. 'E’ - 3:20 
6. Moon Mood - 1:56 
7. Theme (II) - 2:08 
8. Yesterdays Moments - 2:42 
9. Theme (III) - 1:01 
10.Banjotune (Traditional) - 1:34 

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