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6 Sep 2016

Jeff Baker “Loner” 1971 Germany Psych Folk Rock

Jeff Baker  “Loner” 1971 Germany Psych Folk Rock release in Basf Label
This is a lone wolf, as it only with the appropriate eloquent title of the album, published only in the form of a vinyl record on a popular German label, and it looks like it did on CD is not yet republished, this guy Jeff Baker, likely was British . And it has nothing to do with two of its full tёzkam from the United States: the famous baseball player, and contemporary jazz vocalist in 1971 is not yet born, as well as the last one is not related to the legend of American jazz, Kojima was a trumpeter and singer Chesney Henry Baker, Jr. or just Chet Baker. It is also doubtful that this is our Jeff Baker later, acting under pseudonyms King Django and Poppa, became the driving force of the American ensembles Skinnerbox, Stubborn Allstars and others, including his name, playing anything (reggae, ska, the same Jazz and even electronics), but not the psychedelic folk-rock, both forgotten and lost in time record “Loner”. And when her record company to Jeff (guitar, vocals, the authorship of the songs) up, played the same guitar, plus organ, piano, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, violin, cello and speaking as a producer and arranger, - Graham Donald Harry Preskett, 1948 year of birth, - the British multi-instrumentalist, musician, songwriter and arranger, worked hard and now to film and television, in the production of advertising. Graham Preskett also known for his work with such famous personalities and ensembles as Tom Jones, Deep Purple, Cher, Paul McCartney, Hans Zimmer, Jon Bon Jovi, John Williams and others. [Yes, a couple of songs “Loner” someone else sings, kind of like a female voice …..... 

Banjo - G. Preskett 
Cello - G. Preskett 
Guitar - G. Preskett *, Jeff Baker 
Harmonica - G. Preskett 
Mandolin - G. Preskett 
Organ - G. Preskett 
Piano - G. Preskett 
Violin - G. Preskett 
Vocals - Jeff Baker 


A1 Wasting My Time 
A2 If You Should Ask 
A3 If You Should Ask Reprise 
A4 Where 
A5 Rail Road Man 
A6 Thank You 
A7 Back Door Woman 
B1 Preview 
B2 April Showers 
B3 Loner 
B4 She’s A Lady 
B5 Uncle Sam 
B6 Close Your Eyes 

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