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10 Sep 2016

Jimmy McGriff “ Soul Sugar” 1971 US excellent Soul Jazz Funk.

Jimmy McGriff “ Soul Sugar” 1971 US excellent Soul Jazz Funk..recommended..!
One of the best hammond organ star influenced by Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes & Jimmy Smith,. Soul Sugar brings Jimmy Mc Griff into the jazz rock & funk scene. Soul Jazz & Funk with four original tracks composed by Jimmy Mc Griff, covers song of James Brown (Ain’t It Funky Now), Stevie Wonder (Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours), the gospel Spirit in the Dark by Aretha Franklin, the pop standard Sugar Sugar from the cartoon series The Archie Show and Little Sister band’ You’re The One. Dig on It was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest in God Lives Through from their Midnight Marauders LP. Recorded at Bell Sound Studios & produced by Sonny Lester…… 

The Sonny Lester-produced Soul Sugar looms large in Jimmy McGriff’s vast catalog – while it’s a fool’s errand to pick the organist’s absolute funkiest recording, this one demands serious consideration. Without personnel credits, it’s impossible to know who’s backing McGriff here, but the rhythm section is nonetheless superb – cuts like “Dig on It” (later sampled by A Tribe Called Quest), “Fat Cakes,” and “The Now Thing” rival the Meters for sheer soulfulness. The covers are no less impressive – while renditions of James Brown’s “Ain’t It Funky Now,” Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” and Aretha Franklin’s “Spirit in the Dark” remain true to the spirit of the original recordings, the ingenious arrangements also allow McGriff and his band panoramic stretches of space to explore….by allmusic….. 

A fantastic album, and one of Jimmy’s hardest to find! The set is quite different than most of Jimmy’s other work – and it features short, hard, funky tracks that feel more like obscure 7″ singles than any of Jimmy’s straighter soul jazz work. It almost sounds like The JBs are backing him – as the drums are tight, bass is great, and the overall groove is fantastic! The record’s a little like Jimmy’s Electric Funk album, but harder, with more breaks and basslines – and a non-stop groove that’s a pure delight for any fan of deep funk!….. 

Hammond organ star Jimmy McGriffs outstanding 1971 album, Soul Sugar, is issued here on CD for the first time in a special remastered, digipak edition which also includes as a bonus the complete Jimmy McGriff LP Groove Grease.  

“Soul Sugar” brings Jimmy McGriff into the jazz-rock scene with a new band so driving that it marks the beginning of a new musical expressionism for Jimmy. And that¹s something for a guy who¹s done it all, played it all, and invented a lot of it. This album is so right it will leave you begging for more long after you¹ve worn it out. But if you¹re lucky, Jimmy and his new band will be playing a club in your area, for they¹re on tour fifty-two weeks a year. Stop in and listen to some live Soul Sugar.“ 
- from the original liner notes. ……. 

I think the only way these two records could make me happier is if they opened up with a soul version of “Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve Got Love in My Tummy.” Since it does not I suppose I can accept “Sugar Sugar” in its place. If this disc was any more fun it would be illegal. Before Jimmy Smith thought of covering pop and soul hits with marvelously funky results, Jimmy McGriff was already laying down cuts to make the jazz purists wince while turning up their erudite noses. McGriff didn’t care and doesn’t seem to have been restrained by such labels, often positioning himself as more of a blues player anyway. I have been meaning to do a post here about another fabulous Groove Merchant disk he did with soul-blues singer Junior Parker that is just amazing. All in good time, even though I’ve been thinking about doing that post for over a year now… 

Since a great deal of songs on these two albums are all-instrumental covers of hit songs, you can feel free to use it at your next karaoke party. That is if you are not only prepared to tread the same musical ground as James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, and Aretha Franklin, but also spar with the infectious chops of Mr. McGriff. My guess is that he will upstage you. But feel free to give it a go. 

A glance at the lineup on these two platters may not cause any names to jump out at some of you. But his musicians here all have a pretty impressive pedigree, having played with the likes of Nina Simone, Eric Dolphy, Ahmad Jamal, Art Tatum, Stan Getz, Pharoah Sanders, B.B.King, Lonnie Liston Smith, Lonnie Smith, Charles Earland, among others and many more. Particularly noteworthy is bassist Richard Davis who just dominates these two albums like the monster he was. He sometimes plays with a phasor enevelope-follower effect on his bass that adds a nice subtle twist to his tone. 

Both albums also have fabulously tacky blaxploitation jackets, the better to arouse you with. 

Weird side note: according to a friend of mine, the first three tracks of Groove Grease on this reissue are HDCD encoded. Although it’s not uncommon to find HDCD coding on discs that don’t mention it on the packaging, it is somewhat mysterious why they would encode three tracks and stop. I actually have an HDCD player packed away in a storage shed full of audio gear but I am not about to drag it out to verify this. I will take my friend’s word for it, and pass it on to you for what it’s worth. 

I think anybody with a pulse will find themselves enjoying this music. And I promise I will have that collaboration with Junior Parker here before the year is out.. ……. 

1971 album that "Brings Jimmy McGriff into the jazz-rock scene…” Fabulously disgusting blaxploitation artwork best left in the back seat of your car….by forced explosure…. 

While organist Jimmy McGriff’s recordings always had an R&B groove to them, the 1971 release Soul Sugar may well be his funkiest album ever. Under the guidance of producer Sonny Lester and backed by a crack rhythm section, McGriff divides his time almost equally between originals and contemporary pop and R&B covers. Listen to (and download if you so desire) what he does with James Brown’s Ain’t It Funky Now. The MP3 is taken from the original vinyl album on Capitol. 

Ain’t It Funky Now …… 

Flute, Tenor Sax: Cliff Davis 
Trumpet: Murray Watson 
Baritone Sax: Johnny Board 
Electric Piano: Horace Ott 
Guitar: Larry Frazier 
Bass: Richard Davis 
Drums: Marion J. Booker 
Conga, Tambourine: Lawrence Killian 

A1 Sugar, Sugar 2:46 
A2 Ain’t It Funky Now 3:39 
A3 Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours 2:49 
A4 Dig on It 3:08 
A5 Bug Out 3:04 
B1 The Now Thing 2:57 
B2 You’re the One 3:13 
B3 Fat Cakes 3:49 
B4 New Volume 3:36 
B5 Spirit in the Dark 2:48 

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