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10 Sep 2016

Jimmy Smith “Root Down live"1972 US Jazz Funk masterpiece

Jimmy Smith  “Root Down live"1972 US Jazz Funk masterpiece…!   recommended…!!
The King of the Hammond B3 & Crew at Their Funkiest Best. This is a Serious Set and One that Deserves to Be in Every Collection!….. 

the greatesr live…!!! really a jazz funk classic….!!!!! 

The fact that Jimmy Smith moved the Hammond organ from the dance floor to the jazz scene and upgraded it to become a fully-fledged improvisation instrument is to be found in every good dictionary of music. Finally reissued back on vinyl, his essential 1972 Verve date Root Down is one of the most highly collectable live jazz albums ever cut and one of the King of the Hammond B3’s finest. 

Recorded on February 8, 1972, in Los Angeles, CA with funky support from Arthur Adams (guitar), Wilton Felder(bass), Paul Humphrey (drums), Buck Clarke (percussion) and Steve Williams (harmonica), the hypnotic 6-track effort is anchored by Jimmy’s own “Root Down (And Get It),” which would later be famously sampled by the Beastie Boys on their 1994 album Ill Communication and “Sagg Shootin’ His Arrow” plus a distinct interpretation of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” 

Today the thing is a tough guy. An eminence in the melodies of trasnoche projected the beautiful Hammond B3. Incredible sound instrument in its original version has been disappearing and almost not used in formations bands. Jimmy Smith was born in Pennsylvania where surely received his first lessons at the keyboard in some groups commanded by his father. Release his talent early, at age nine he had won a contest at the piano. He was a regular leader of trios and quartets, his creation is recorded in a large number of albums for labels like Blue Note and Verve with stellar accompaniments guys like Stanley Turrentine and Wes Montgomery. This material live is to data on February 8, 1972, the performance took place at the Bombay Bicycle Club in Los Angeles and what was reflected in it is a great atmosphere lit party with instrumental porotada funky blues and electric jazz. There clinking of glasses, cheers and some cheerful bustle in the smoke. Training is, as discussed, unusual, a sextet where the organist has included percussion, harmonica and bass. The latter instrument which often J. Smith dispensed to develop their lines with the same body. His companions, surely young lions, although they are not recurring names in its many recordings fiercely and drive to meet the infallible Jimmy says what he means. ……. 

Toward the end of his stint with Blue Note, Jimmy Smith’s albums became predictable. Moving to Verve in the mid-‘60s helped matters considerably, since he started playing with new musicians (most notably nice duets with Wes Montgomery) and new settings, but he never really got loose, as he did on select early Blue Note sessions. Part of the problem was that Smith’s soul-jazz was organic and laid-back, relaxed and funky instead of down and dirty. For latter-day listeners, aware of his reputation as the godfather of modern soul-jazz organ (and certainly aware of the Beastie Boys’ name drop), that may mean that Smith’s actual albums all seem a bit tame and restrained, classy, not funky. That’s true of the bulk of Smith’s catalog, with the notable exception of Root Down. Not coincidentally, the title track is the song the Beasties sampled on their 1994 song of the same name, since this is one of the only sessions that Smith cut where his playing his raw, vital, and earthy. Recorded live in Los Angeles in February 1972, the album captures a performance Smith gave with a relatively young supporting band who were clearly influenced by modern funk and rock. They push Smith to playing low-down grooves that truly cook: “Sagg Shootin’ His Arrow” and “Root Down (And Get It)” are among the hottest tracks he ever cut, especially in the restored full-length versions showcased on the 2000 Verve By Request reissue. There are times where the pace slows, but the tension never sags, and the result is one of the finest, most exciting records in Smith’s catalog. If you think you know everything about Jimmy Smith, this is the album for you….by allmusic……. 

Root Down is a 1972 live jazz album by Jimmy Smith. The album was recorded in Los Angeles on February 8, 1972. Smith is joined by Paul Humphrey, Wilton Felder, Buck Clarke, Arthur Adams, and Steve Williams. 

The album features the song “Root Down (And Get It)” which was sampled by the Beastie Boys for their song “Root Down”. 

“…Recorded live in Los Angeles in February 1972, the album captures a performance Smith gave with a relatively young supporting band who were clearly influenced by modern funk and rock. They push Smith to playing low-down grooves that truly cook: "Sagg Shootin’ His Arrow” and “Root Down (And Get It)” are among the hottest tracks he ever cut…“ - Stephen Thomas Erlewine,….. 

Jimmy Smith, Hammond B3 organ 
Paul Humphrey, drums 
Wilton Felder, bass guitar 
Buck Clarke, congas, percussion 
Arthur Adams, guitar 
Steve Williams, harmonica 

Side One: 
1. Sagg Shootin’ His Arrow 
2. For Everyone Under the Sun 
3. After Hours 

Side Two: 
1. Root Down (And Get It) 
2. Let’s Stay Together 
3. Slow Down Sagg 


(Thornel Schwatrz/D.Bailey) A New Sound-A New Star Vol.1 1956 
(Thornel Schwatrz/D.Bailey) A New Sound-A New Star Vol.2 1956 (Champ) 
(T.Schwatrz/D.Bailey) At Club Baby Grand Vol.1 1956 
(T.Schwatrz/D.Bailey) At Club Baby Grand Vol.2 1956 
(D.Byrd/L.Donaldson/H.Mobley) A Date w/ J.S. Vol. 1 1957 
(D.Byrd/L.Donaldson/A.Blakey) A Date w/ J.S. Vol. 2 1957 
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Confirmation 1957 
Groovin’ at Small’s Vol. 1 1957 
Groovin’ at Small’s Vol. 2 1957 
Special Guests 1957 
(K.Burrell/Philly Joe Jones) Softly As A Summer Breeze 1957 
(E.McFadden/D.Bailey) Plays Pretty Just for You 1957 
(L.Morgan/G.Coleman/A.Blakey) House Party 1957-8 
(L.Donaldson/K.Burrell) The Sermon 1957-8 
Cool Blues 1958 
On the Sunny Side 1958 
(K.Burrell/D.Bailey/P.France) Home Cookin’ 1958-9 
(I.Quebec/J.McLean/Q.Warren) Open House 1960 
(I.Quebec/J.McLean/Q.Warren) Plain Talk 1960 
(S.Turrentine/K.Burrell) Back At The Chicken Shack 1960 
(S.Turrentine/K.Burrell) Midnight Special 1960 
(Quentin Warren/D.Bailey) Crazy! Baby 1960 
(Quentin Warren/D.Bailey) Plays Fats Waller 1962 
(L.Donaldson/Q.Warren) Rockin’ the Boat 1963 
(S.Turrentine/Q.Warren) Prayer Meetin’ 1963 
Bucket! 1963 
(Grant Green) I’m Movin On 1963 
(Q.Warren/D. Bailey/Orch.) Bashin’ 1962 Verve 
Any Number Can Win 1963 Verve 
Blue Bash 1963 Verve 
Hobo Flats 1963 Verve 
Live at the Village Gate 1963 Metro 
Plays the Blues 1963 PolyGram 
(Orchestra) Christmas Cookin’ 1964 Verve 
(K.Burrell/G.Tate/Orch.) The Cat 1964 Verve 
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1964 Verve 
(Q.Warren/B.Hart) Salle Pleyel (Live) 1965 Trema/RTE 
In Hamburg Live 1965 Metro 
Live in Concert / Paris 1965 Metro 
(K.Burrell/Grady Tate) Organ Grinder’s Swing 1965 Verve 
Got My Mojo Workin’ 1965 Verve 
Monster 1965 Verve 
Hootchie Coochie Man 1966 Verve 
Peter and the Wolf 1966 Verve 
(Wes Montgomery/Orch.) The Dynamic Duo 1966 Verve 
(W.Montgomery/Orch.) Further Adventures of J. & Wes 1966 Verve 
Respect 1967 Verve 
The Boss 1968 Verve 
Livin’ It Up 1968 Verve 
Stay Loose 1968 Verve 
Groove Drops 1969 Verve 
In A Plain Brown Wrapper 1971 Verve 
Bluesmith 1972 Verve 
Root Down - Live 1972 Verve 
I’m Gonna Git Myself Together 1973 Verve 
Portuguese Soul 1973 Verve 
At the Lowry Organ 1973 Decca 
Other Side of Jimmy Smith 1973 MGM 
Blacksmith 1974 Pride 
Paid in Full 1974 Mojo 
(Herbie Hancock/Lenny White) Sit on It! 1976 Mercury 
(Orchestra) The Cat Strikes Again 1980 Laserlight 
Mr. Jim 1980 Manhattan 
(S.Turrentine/G.Benson) Off the Top 1982 Elektra 
Keep on Comin’ 1983 Elektra 
(S.Turrentine/K.Burrell) Go For Watcha Know 1986 Blue Note 
Prime Time 1989 Milestone 
(S.Turrentine/K.Burrell) Fourmost (Live) 1990 Milestone 
(Kenny Burrell/Jimmie Smith) The Master (Live) 1993 Blue Note 
(Kenny Burrell/Jimmie Smith) The Master II (Live) 1993 Somethin’ Else 
Sum Serious Blues 1993 Milestone 
(R.Hargrove/M.Whitfield) Damn! 1995 Verve 
(R.Hargrove/M.Whitfield) Angel Eyes 1996 Verve 

Turrentine, Stanley 
J.Smith(G.Benson/L.McCann) Straight Ahead 1984 Blue Note 

White, Lenny 
Larry Young/Jimmy Smith (L.Coryell/Al DiMeola/Weldon Irvine/Hubert Laws) 
Venusian Summer 1975 Emperor 

Ingram, James 
Jimmy Smith It’s Your Night 1983 QWest 

Jackson, Michael 
Jimmy Smith Bad 1987 Epic/Sony 

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