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25 Sep 2016

Jukin’ Bone “Way Down East “ 1972 US Heavy Rock

Jukin’ Bone “Way Down East “ 1972 US Heavy Rock
The band was formed in 1969, and early next year they were joined by two of that of all the participants really were in music-MARK DOYLE and JOE WHITING.Gruppa recorded two albums Way Down East (1970) and WHISKEY WOMAN (1971) the traditional hard rock and sold in early 1973. DOYLE worked with guitarist Andy Pratt, Cindy Bullens, Leo Sayer-since the early ‘80s he worked with Meat Loaf and Bryan Adams.V early 90s working as a session guitarist in Japan SONY.Periodicheski released solo records and worked with JOE WHITING, which poskitatsya in different groups since the early 90s steadily gaining popularity as a blues ispolnitel.Ne know they reminisced about his first band, but in 2004 the magazine Creem Magazine album included two hundred classic hard rock album (I do not know who made up this list but with two albums JUKIN 'BONE there for 2 (!!!) album GRAND FUNK, 1 (Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation) DEEP PURPLE and 2 (Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation) LED ZEPPELIN) Spisochek albums, of course, specific, but after that both albums Group re-released on CD, and even got the third alleged unreleased album, recruited from various demos….. 

Joe Whiting (vocals) 
Mark Doyle (lead guitar, piano) 
George Egosarian (rhythm guitar, slide guitar) 
John DeMaso (bass) 
Tom Glaister (drums, percussion) 

001. Cara Lynn (02:28) 
002. Way Down East (03:08) 
003. Nightcrawler (04:33) 
004. Come On Home (02:26) 
005. Mojo Conqueroo (05:54) 
006. See See Rider (02:54) 
007. Can You Feel It (03:09) 
008. Yes Is Yes (02:50) 
009. Sayin’ It Is Easy (03:06) 
010. Johnny Lee’s Mood (05:11) 

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