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6 Sep 2016

La Bambibanda E Melodie “La Bambibanda E Melodie" 1974 Italy Prog Rock

La Bambibanda E Melodie  “La Bambibanda E Melodie" 1974 Italy Prog Rock 
After the breakup of Garybaldi, Bambi Fossati decided to form a group together with musicians from Genoa, with whom he had jammed in 1974. The group was composed of, besides Fossati, another ex-Garybaldi member Maurizio Cassinelli, bass player Roberto Ricci and Indian percussionist Ramasandiran Somusundaram (also a featured session man with French prog band Magma on several of their singles). At the end of 1974, this quartet recorded an album called “Bambibanda E Melodie” for Fonit Cetra. The principal instrument here was obviously the guitar, but the great “vibes” happening between the two percussionists were also making a distinction. This album was distinguished by a very rhythmic rock orientation; the lyrics were reduced to a minimum, while the music flowed fast and direct due to the overall spontaneity of the concept. All cuts on the album were composed by Fossati, who continued his live activity with Bambibanda for several years, however, without producing any more recordings….. 

Bambibanda e Melodie was formed by Bambi Fossati of Garybaldi after that band broke up. He recruited ex-Garybaldi Maurizio Cassinelli, bass player Roberto Ricci and Indian percussionist Ramasandiran Somusundaram (who had played with Magma on several of their singles). ….. 

Bambi Fossati, according to many (and in my opinion, rightly), is considered the Italian Hendrix. I always liked and I have followed with interest his musical evolution starting with the glorious Gleemen, then become Garybaldi. This is the record published by Bambi one year after the conclusion of the experience Garybaldi (astrolabe was in 1973) and marks a partial detachment from the atmosphere that characterized the two works of Garybaldi more marked rhythms, drums emphasized (due to the presence of Ramasandiran Somusundaram alongside drummer Maurizio Cassinelli), long guitar rides, as initial “Tortilla Flat” (at the end of the intro, a bit ‘soft) and “Calabuig”, perhaps the most beautiful song of the entire disk . I paciuta much by the review published in due course on site friend “John’s Classic Rock”. We bring you an excerpt: “The first jewel of Bambi Fossati after Garybaldi experience puts us almost three minutes to untie its introduction. It almost seems like an eternity, because they wanted the listener can ask What will our national Hendrix in this new training with a lot of Indian percussionist? the answer was immediate: with a deadly tribal run by a quarter of an hour in "Pian de la Tortilla”, our not slow to make us understand that so much esteem for Hendrix and Santana, but also an independent artistic personality, concrete and creative. Compared to Garybaldi the atmosphere becomes more intimate, personal and evocative, as if to borrow the agreements of the historic rock with a staffing 'geographical’ art. “….. 

In 1974 a new incarnation of GARYBALDI was formed by Bambi Fossati along with old cohort Maurizio Cassinelli, bassist Roberto Ricci and indian percussionist Ramasandiran Somusundaram as BAMBIBANDA & MELODIE. Their only album has the usual leading role for Bambi’s guitar, but the use of percussion gives a more latin-inspired feel that sometimes reminds Santana. 

Percussionist Ramasandiran Somusundaram, previously active as session musician, also released an album and no less than three singles (in a more commercial vein) between 1974 and 1976 on the Magma label. 

Bambi Fossati kept playing under the name of BAMBIBANDA for some years before reforming the old group in late 80’s with a new line up including Marco Mazza (guitar) and Carlo Milan (bass) along with Maurizio Cassinelli, and they released an album, more song-oriented, in 1990, as Bambi Fossati & GARYBALDI. …… 

Bambi Fossati - guitar, vocals 
Maurizio Cassinelli - drums 
Ramasandiran Somusundaram - percussion 
Roberto Ricci - bass 

01. Pian Della Tortilla – 15:14 
02. Libera E Felice – 6:48 
03. Calabuig! – 6:34 
04. Piccolo Gitano – 4:13 
05. Mare Delle Terre Medie – 7:17 
06. Canto Del Sole – 2:08 

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