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21 Sep 2016

La Kabala ‎ “La Kabala” 1967 Peru Psych Latin Funk Rock

La Kabala ‎ “La Kabala” 1967 Peru Psych Latin Funk Rock
La Kabala is a mix of late 1960s swinging soul jazz, cruise ship styled loungers sung in Spanish, and an occasional Santana electric guitar outburst to keep everyone on their toes. Flute and roller rink organ fill the other lead roles. Opening and closing tracks are best, with the latter featuring some cool seductive female vocals. Much debate continues to ensue on the origin of the band. Most folks point to Peru, given that the majority of the pressings have emerged from there. However Mexico stubbornly remains in the discussion, and even Americans apparently hanging down south. Perhaps it really is only an exploitation album - without the proper distribution to really call it that (economically speaking). Whatever the case, a fine album, that doesn’t require much thought to get into. Very much the perfect tropical vacation album - circa 1970…..  
  • A1El Cumbanchero
  • A2Caliente
  • A3Rio de Janeiro en carnaval
  • A4La muralla africana
  • A5Azucar Quemada
  • A6Chango Colorao
  • B1Miami Beach
  • B2Lindo Panama
  • B3Carrera 71
  • B4El caminante solitario
  • B5La Kábala

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