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20 Sep 2016

London Underground ”London Underground” 2000 Italy Psych Space Rock

London Underground ”London Underground” 2000 Italy Psych Space Rock….recommended…
I’m proud of Sweden when it comes to progressive & symphonic rock. We have many great bands such as ÄNGLAGARD, LANDBERK, The FLOWER KINGS, SINKADUS, ABRAMIS BRAMA, QOPH, SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA and ANEKDOTEN to mention a few. But we also have three of my favourite record labels here in Sweden: APM (Ad Perpetuam Memoriam), Mellotronen and Record Heaven. These three labels together are responsible for the main part of the releases today that are really interesting, Swedish and non-Swedish. - So when I started listening to LONDON UNDERGROUND’s debut album, it didn’t come as a surprise that this was another outstanding release from the Record Heaven label. LONDON UNDERGROUND are three Italian musicians and three additional musicians, playing British 60’s & 70’s influenced pop-rock with lots of vintage keyboards such as Hammond, Organ, Moog, Clavinet and Mellotron. Judging by the music, their biggest influence seems to be The BEATLES. But there’s also reminiscences to ATOMIC ROOSTER, BIGELF, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, SHADES OF ORANGE and STANDARTE. The band also featuring the ex-STANDARETE drummer and vocalist: Daniele Caputo. - If it wasn’t for the excellent production you could’ve easily believed that this album originated from the 60’s or the 70’s. My favourite tracks are the psychedelic “Worst Is Yet To Come”, the BEATLES and Eastern influenced “Everywhere I Go”, the ballad “Was She Worth My Time”, Love Is A Beautiful Thing" and the groovy closing track “Whatcha Gonna Do”. - Summary: This is a highly recommended album from a Swedish label, with an Italian band, playing British sounding pop rock…by progarchives…. 

LONDON UNDERGROUND are a trio from Italy led by the drummer/vocalist Daniele Caputo who is also known for his work with one of best modern prog bands about STANDARTE. Borrowing influences from The BEATLES, PINK FLOYD, HAWKWIND, KIN PING MEH, BIRTH CONTROL and ATOMIC ROOSTER, the LONDON UNDERGROUND have recorded here one heck of a debut album. This short playing album is very experimental and yet it is still very enjoyable and accessible to listen to. There are some simply killer instrumental aspects on this album with heavy organ/mellotron drenched passages… everything a prog head would love. LONDON UNDERGROUND play a British styled 60’s & 70’s influenced pop-rock with lots of vintage keyboards such as Hammond,organ, Moog, clavinet and Mellotron. Vocals are mostly handled by Caputo who has a great deep voice and fits the music to perfection. Without a question this carries the same deep conviction that are present on the STANDARTE albums. A great album all the way thru…by progarchives… 

A side project of STANDARTE’s drummer/vocalist Daniele Caputo, this fairly recent Italian trio took their name from the very style of music that was played in the London underground during the late 60’s. Caputo is joined by bassist Marco Piaggesi and keyboard player Gianluca Gerlini. Bassist Stefano Gabbani eventually replaced Piagesi and then guitarist Gianni Vergelli also joined in. Their style is similar to STANDARTE albeit much less heavy, and the guitars are used sparingly, leaving room for Gerlini to shine on the Hammond organ, Mellotron and Moog. Their albums feature excellent vocal harmonies that would have fit right into any BEATLES or TRAFFIC album of old. As influences go, we could cite BIGELF, PINK FLOYD, KING CRIMSON, ATOMIC ROOSTER, CARAVAN, ARGENT, and definitely THE BEATLES. 

Both of their albums, “London Underground” and “Through a Glass Darkly” (a spoof on an old STONES compilation LP), are a real throwback to the swinging 60’s and early 70’s; in fact, if it wasn’t for the clean production, you’d swear these were recorded in 1970. The first album revisits the late 60’s psychedelia whereas the second is fully early 70’s progressive. The overall sound is very British (these Italian vocalists possess an impeccable command of the English language, b.t.w.) and both albums are expertly played and well produced. Is it prog? Well, it is definitely experimental yet accessible, delightfully retro and thoroughly enjoyable. Very cool stuff! 

Excellent albums for a trip back to the hip days, with tons of Mellotron. Both are highly recommended……. 

LONDON UNDERGROUND Formed in December 1998 in Florence (Italy) by Gianluca Gerlini (Hammond organ, mellotron piano) and Daniel Caputo (vocals and drums) and former Birdmen of Alkatraz Standarte, and Marco Piaggesi (Low). The LU inizianano recovering sound British underground / psychedelic pop predilections also to rhythm and blues 60’s primarily based on the methods  of ‘Hammond - electric piano sound and tested originally by the inventors of magical styles such as Brian Auger and Georgie Fame. The LU debut on the international stage with the self-titled album released by Record Heaven (Swedish label) in the 'year 2000.The album gets a good success in the independent scene, selling more European 'than 8000 copies; simultaneously from the same album out tracks appearing on compilations of British psychedelic pop. “ The LU also participate in the TV show "Help” hosted by Red Ronnie along with other Italian Bend Avion Travel. LIVE events in the scene more 'important where the LUs are played: the Festival “Think Progressive” Herzberg (Germany) together with Amon Dull - Caravan-Arthur Brown-Pretty Things, and the Festival Euro Ye Ye “in Gijon (Spain ), Switzerland, the theater of rock in Bern, Italy Off to Puccini (Viareggio).In 2003 they released their second album "Through a Glass Darkly” for the French label Musea Records, an album with a more Saund Prog. Starting 70 years, compared to the 'previous album. Also this album gets some success and managed to sell about 5000 copies, the band continues to do several live performances in Italy and Europe.Currently. After four years of time and vicissitudes different inside the band the band broke up, then Gianluca Gerlino reform in 2008 with a new training Gimignani Alexander on drums and steel drums (ex-Neon, Pankow, Reggae Revolution, Ginuwine), and Fabio Baini on Bass (ex Reggae Revolution. Ruff selector - and training Jazz Band and other metal / rock) The London Underground today have always inspired Hammond Based Sounds, “Vintage Sounds in Psycobeat Acid” Totally instrumental without vocals (also inspired to movie soundtracks ect)In December 2009 I LU went into the studio and record their third album “Honey Drops” album pick new songs and published (British stage / acid / psychedelic / pop / vintage-influenced prog) is currently under construction on my site Space. Discography: London Underground - 2000 (Record Heaven) Taking a Detour compliation - 2001 (Detour Records) Decktronicks, Compilation - 2001 (Deck 8 Records) Trough a Glass Darkly - 2003 (Musea Records) ….. 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Daniele Caputo / drums, percussion, vocal 
- Marco Piaggesi / bass, banjo, backing vocal 
- Gianluca Gerlini / piano, Hammond, organ, Moog, clavinet, Mellotron 

Additional musicians: 
- Claudio Bianchini / pedal steel guitar 
- Stefano Cudia / guitar 
- Gianni Corongiu / guitar 
- Sergio Taglioni / string arrangement 

Songs / Tracks Listing 

1. Kultual Opus #1 (0:20) 
2. Magda K. (4:41) 
3. Worst is yet to come (5:32) 
4. Squadron Leader (2:46) 
5. Everywhere I go (4:20) 
6. Mass Baptizer ??? 
7. Was she worth my Time (6:56) 
8. Love is a beautiful Thing (1:46) 
9. Watcha gonna do (3:39) 

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