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9 Sep 2016

Magic “Magic” 1971 US Psych Jazz Rock

Magic “Magic” 1971 US Psych Jazz Rock Stevie Wonder plays piano on three tracks.
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Line-up for this album (which was produced by Scott Regan) was Joey Murcia (Guitar), Duanne King (Guitar), Nick King (Bass) & Gary Harger (drums).

Brothers Duanne & Nick King joined Langsing band the Next Exit in 1968. In 1969 they changed their name to Magic and released a single on their own label in the same year. Joey Murcia, a Miami native joined late 1969. He had played with that city’s Birdwatchers, and was also a session player for TK Records in Miami and was able get the band a record deal with the label, so they moved to Miami, becoming the label’s first white group signed to the label. They recorded their first LP in the summer of 1969, which saw release on their own Armadillo label.

Th group returned to Michigan in 1970. Scott Regan helped to get the band signed to the Rare Earth label, and, in 1971, began recording their second album. The self-titled album, which featured songs composed by the group, was released in 1972 to some good reviews and featured Stevie Wonder playing keyboards on “Alexis”, but not long after the album’s release, Motown move West leaving Magic without a label. In 1973 the band called it quits and folded.

“Magic” Rare Earth RS-527

1 Keep On Moving (Duane King)
2 No, Know (Duane King)
3 Alexis (Joey Murcia)
4 Pacifying Burn (Duane King)
5 Don’t Use Your Love To Blind Me (Duane King)
6 Back At Beckers (Shelly’s Blues) (Joey Murcia/Duane King/Nick King/Gary Harger)
7 Velvet Underwear (Duane King)
8 Absolutely Free Absolutely Beautiful (Joey Murcia)
9 Duck Butter (Duane King)
10 I’m Your Landlord (Duane King)
11 Our Hearts Are In Our Heads (Joey Murcia) 

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